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Please call to book your Spring Bike Tune or Repair

Because we have a very limited amount of space to store bicycles we ask that you please call to make an appointment for Bicycle Tunes & Repairs. Our current turn around time is around 2 weeks.

Call 204 253 5896 to book an appointment.

Bicycle Repairs

  Silver Service Pack Gold Service Pack Platinum Overhaul Single Speed
Minor Wheel Trueing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Major Wheel Trueing and Dishing Yes Yes
Light Cleaning and Lubrication of Drivetrain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Major Cleaning and Lubrication of Drivetrain Yes Yes
Ultrasonic Cleaning and Lubrication of Drivetrain Yes
Light Cleaning of Bike Yes Yes Yes Yes
Showroom Cleaning of Bike Yes
Adjustment of Brakes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustment of Derailleurs Yes Yes Yes
Adjustment of Hubs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overhaul of Hubs Yes
Adjustment of Headset Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overhaul of Headset Yes
Adjustment of Bottom Bracket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overhaul of Bottom Bracket Yes
Installation of All Accessories Yes Yes
Inflation of Tires Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complete Safety Inspection Yes Yes Yes Yes
  $69.99 $89.99 $199.99 $49.99

* Includes New Ball Bearings

Additional Service Packages

  Winter Overhaul Ultrasonic Drive Train Cleaning
Repacking of hubs, freehub body (if appplicable), bottom bracket, & headset with low temperature grease.* Yes  
ultrasonic cleaning of drivetrain (cassette, chainrings, chain, & derailleurs)   Yes
Includes removal & installation of drivetrain parts   Yes
Reinstallation of chain includes chain pin (if required)   Yes

* Winter overhaul cannot be applied to parts with cartridge bearings.


WCW 1 year free tune Free
WCW Warranty Labour Free
Minimum Labour Charge $10
Shop Supply Charge $1

Wheel Work

Install New Tube $10
Install New Tube On Coaster Brake $10
Install New Tube on Internal Hub $15
Install Tire $10
Install Tubular Tire (Includes Glue) $50
True Wheel - Minor $20
True Wheel - Major $25 +
Install Spoke & True - Rim Brake Wheel - Front $25
Install Spoke & True - Rim Brake Wheel - Rear $30
Install Spoke & True - Disc Brake Wheel - Front $25
Install Spoke & True - Disc Brake Wheel - Rear $30
Build New Wheel $70
Build New Wheelset $125
Install New Front Wheel includes Tire Install $10
Install New Rear Wheel Includes Cassette or Freewheel & Tire Installation $10
Tubeless Conversion (Each Wheel) $20


Adjust Front Hub Cones $10
Adjust Rear Hub Cones $12
Overhaul Front Hub* $20
Overhaul Rear Hub* $25
Overhaul Coaster Brake Hub* $40
Overhaul 3 Speed Hub* $69.99
Replace Freehub Body $30


Adjust Brakes $20
Bleed Disk Brakes $35 +


Road Shifter Install $40
Road Shifters Install (pair) $80
Mountain Shifter Install $20
Mountain Shifters Install (Pair) $40


Adjust Gears $20
Adjust gears & replace cables/ housing (parts additional) $25
Install / Replace Chain $10
Adjust bottom bracket $15
Re-Pack bottom bracket (Seized parts extra or other issues) $35
Install Bottom bracket (cartridge, includes removal of old BB) $30
Seized BB $40 +


Adjust Headset $10
Overhaul Headset* $25
Install Headset $30
Remove & Install Crown Race $15
Face & Ream Headtube $40


Install Fork $40
Overhaul Suspension Fork $85
Install Star Nut $10
Cut Fork Steerer Tube $15
Thread Fork Steerer Tube $30
Align Fork Ends or Frame Dropouts $30

Accessory Installation

Install Computer $15
Install Computer with Cadence $20
Install Computer with Power Sensor (Garmin, Etc.) $35
Install Computer Battery Includes Reprogramming $10
Install Rack $12
Install Clip-on Fenders $10
Install Full-wrap Fenders $20
Install Custom Fenders $30
Install Kickstand $10
Install Pegs $10
Install Training Wheels $15
Install Stem Includes Headset Adjustment $12
Install Mountain Bike or BMX Handlebar $15
Install Road Bike Handlebar & Wrap Handlebars $30
Shorten (Cut) Handlebars $15
Install Grips $8
Install Handlebar Wrap $15
Install Bar Ends $8
Install Mirror $8
Install Lights $8
Install Seatpost & Saddle $8
Shorten (Cut) Seatpost $10
Install Pump $8
Install Lock $8
Install/Remove Pedals $8
Install Toe Clips & Straps $15
Install Pedal Cleats $10

Other Services

Bike Storage Starts 1 Week After Repair Completion $2 Day
Bike Pick-up or Delivery Within 10 KM of Store (By Appointment Only) $30
Bike Sizing Free
Professional Bike Fitting (2D) $150
Professional Bike Fitting (3D) $300
Assemble Shipped Bike $40
Assemble New Bike $60
Assemble Kit Bike $200
Swap Frames $150
Rebuild Suspension Frame Pivots $90
Check Frame Alignment $25
Pack Bike For Shipping $30


Complete Tune $65
Wax & Sharpen $40
Basic Hot Wax $20
     Super Wax Add $10
     Super Duper Wax Add $20
     Hot Box (6 Hours) Add $20
Stone Grind + P-Tex $40

Wax & Sharpen $40
Basic Hot Wax $20
     Super Wax Add $10
     Super Duper Wax Add $20
     Hot Box (6 Hours) Add $20
Mount Snowboard Bindings $15
Repair Snowboard Delamination $20+

Complete Tune $40
Basic Hot Wax $20
Basic Hot Wax + Install/Swap Bindings $35
     Super Wax Add $10
     Super Duper Wax Add $20
     Hot Box (6 Hours) Add $20
Stone Grind + P-Tex $25
Install/Swap Bindings $20
Cut Poles $15-$20

About Our Repairs

In order to make sure that our customer's bicycles are functioning the way they were meant to, Woodcock Cycle Works provides a variety of repair options. Whether you need a wheel trued, or you just need a tune-up for the bike you pulled out of the garage this spring, we have you covered.

During the spring/summer our trained mechanics can become quite busy, we highly recommend that you call to book an appointment.

The labour charges listed above do not include any parts which may be necessary to complete your bike's maintenance. When your bike is dropped off, one of our staff will perform a check-over of your bike, and inform you of any possible parts that may need to be replaced. Should an issue come up during the maintenance process, you will be contacted regarding any possible increase in cost.



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