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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is the last week of August 2013 and the last  week for the Tuesday and Thursday NO-DROP rides. Brad and I have Family commitments now that it is September and School and extra circulars have started. These rides were very well received and we will be back at it for July and August 2014.


The Friday evening NO-DROP ride will continue through the fall until the snow flies and maybe even later if there is enough interest.


Our Open rides will be geared to the least experienced rider and will gradually increase your time in the saddle, distance and speed. And will continue until the snow falls.

We have three no-drop group rides for you this year:


- Tuesday evening Bike Path Ride starting Tuesday July 2nd 2013

- Thursday evening Road Ride starting Thursday July 11th 2013

- Friday evening Road Ride is continuing


Our Open rides will be geared to the least experienced rider and will gradually increase your time in the saddle, distance and speed. And will continue until the snow falls.

To join a group ride you must:
The first time you join us you do not need a membership, we will have you sign a waiver and then we are good to go. If you like the ride and want to join us again you will need a membership or racing licence.
1) Be wearing a helmet
2) Hold a valid MCA General Membership ($48), or Citizen/UCI/CCA licence. These are only available online at www.mbcycling.ca.
These conditions allow the bike Clubs and its Members to be covered by Insurance should (heaven forbid) anything go awry.
3) Be prepared to show your card (once received) or until you receive your card you can show receipt of payment for the license at the begining of each each ride.

Oh, and please sign in for each ride at the front counter.
These rides are free otherwise.

Thursday & Friday Road rides are free and open to anyone with a MCA membership or Citizen/CCA/UCI licence. 6 pm every Thursday &Friday from the shop (weather permitting). Distance is generally 50 – 80 km. We will keep the speed down to 25kph until we get (15 km) out to Grand Point. At Grand Point it is a 9 km loop and we usually do 2 to 4 laps as individuals or groups depending on how you feel that Friday. If you feel strong, go strong, if you don’t, just ride slower. Then we regroup and head back keeping our speed down to 30kph to keep the group together.
The advantage of this ride is that it is for everyone; 15 km warm-up to Grand Point then you go your own speed (crazy or conversational) for the next 10 -30 km before we head back. Then 15 km cool down back to the shop. You control it. Right now the folks on the ride are getting between 50 km and 80 depending on lap speed and how long the commute to and from the shop.


Spread the word far and wide, there is a new Group Ride in town.

Our Thursday and Friday Road Rides got together and voila! A new ride was born to accommodate all the new riders out there who just want to go slower, see more, talk more and maybe begin an incredible journey.


Tuesday evening Bike Path Ride starting Tuesday July 2nd 2013 will utilize our growing AT Network and will be geared to those who want to ride there bike at a more relaxed pace than our Friday Ride. This will be a fair-weather ride only, so everyone stays dry (we hope). We will gather at Woodcock Cycle, 433 St Marys Rd for a 6:30 pm departure.

Here is our August Schedule:


Time is adjusted to 6:30 so we have enough daylight.

For our main ride we will head east on Fifth Ave to Youville and then to Egerton, back onto DesMeurons for a block. We will pick up the bike path at the end of DesMeurons following the Niakwa Trail left over the Seine River and east to Lagimodiere, north to the Bishop Grandin Greenway, West to Dakota to pick up the Dunkirk Multi-use path, North to the Fermor bike path and back to DesMeurons following the same route we took out from the shop. Here is the map link http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/22516121

Here are other possible rides to switch things up:

The BDI via Bike Path http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/235855549 (we may want to schedule this one earlier to leave time for an Ice cream break),

Whittier Park via Bike Path http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/235866789 (we may decide to stop at the forks for some fuel).

Seine River Trail bike Path Ride http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/235868695 (we will be joined by Dennis from Save the Seine for a guided tour),

Fort White Bike path Ride http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/236375883 (we would meet in the north west corner of the theater parking lot McGillivray and Kenaston)

These are 20 km to 25 km routes and I expect we will ride it between 17 and 20 kph +/- depending on the group that night. That should put us back at the shop between 7:30 and 8:00 for July rides.. This is a no pressure no-drop ride suited to those who wish to get more comfortable riding, want to  gradually increase their distance and time in the saddle or just want to ride with others in a casual setting. This ride is good for almost all types of bikes. Having said that, you would not want to show up with your carbon bike and full kit. If you are concerned or have any questions please let me know. The Rides will normally be led by me, I am a Can-Bike instructor which means I am nationally certified to teach folks how to safely cycle with others on and off the roadways. I ride about 6000 km per year and ride all 4 seasons. Please ask me any questions from the mechanics of your bike all the way to winter cycling.

As the ride progresses and if the skill of the riders warrants it, we may increase the distance and take in more of what our cycling infrastructure has to offer. For those of you who find that this ride is not enough for you, consider joining our Thursday or Friday no-drop Group rides where the speed is a little faster and the distance depends on you (min 30 km to a max of 70 km) 6 pm to 8:30/9:00pm.

To join these rides you must wear a bike helmet

The first time you join us you will need to sign a waiver, this protects the validity of our insurance through the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA)

The second and subsequent times you join us you will need a MCA General Membership, this membership is $48 and covers you and Woodcock Cycle Works with insurance for the duration of the season.

We also use these rides to gear up for the MS Biking to the Viking, MS Riding Mountain Challenge Bike tour and Muddy Waters/Habitat. The link for the Woodcock Cycle MS Team is HERE, on the www.msbiketours.com site. We are always looking for more team members to join us on the ride, so log on join our MS Team. If you just want to pledge the team or a team member us the same links. One year our MS Team split into 3 groups and finished the ride at the front, middle and back of the group respectively so we have a speed for everyone. Give us a call for more information

Things to check before a ride:
1) Air pressure in your tires. Tires naturally lose air every day, it is not unusual for me to go from 100 psi to 90 psi in my rear tire a day after a  85 km ride.
2) Brakes, spin your wheels to insure there is no brake rubbing. Brakes get bumped, wheels go out of true from road bumps.
3) You don't need to lube your drive train every day but if your chain is black and grungy then you left it way too long. Spray it with a degreaser, wipe it good, lube it well
4) Drop test, lift your bike up a few inches and let it drop down on the tires, if anything rattles then tighten it up.

Things to bring on a ride:
1) Fluids. You always need fluids. There are lots of fine details you can research on the topic of Cycling Nutrition/hydration (http://www.rhinofitness.ca/ )but to keep it simple: Pre hydrate by drinking 500ml one hour prior to a ride. Bring at least 1 bottle of fluids for every hour that you intend on being out. Water is not the best hydrator for sport, you need sodium (Gatoraid, Poweraid, Aceleraid). This way you will be more efficient with the fluids you carry.
2) Snack. It is always good to bring along a snack. For myself who has a 25% body fat , I find keeping my heart rate around 135 bpm that my body has time to convert all the energy I need for and 80 km ride. However if I am going harder and I am up near 150, 160, 170 bpm for any extended period during the ride I will need to have a snack every 30 min or so and a gel for the sugar (energy) . My body cannot convert fat to energy that fast. Also, do not eat a big snack within 3 hours of starting big ride, it sits heavy and mucks with your blood sugar.
3) Inner tube or patch kit
4) Pump or CO2 cartridges
5) Spare tire or a boot, A boot is a small piece thicker rubber, duct tape etc. that you put on the inside of your tire to keep the tube from bulging out in the event of a cut or gash in your tire. It will get you home.
6) tire levers to help you fix your flat.
7) Lights, white for the front, red for the rear. The Manitoba Highway Traffic act tells us we must have them on 1 hour prior to sunset. Reality says it is still bright 30 min after sunset is it is a clear blue sky, but why risk it.
8) the right clothing for the weather now and the weather later. It is not uncommon for even Birds Hill Park to have different weather than Winnipeg.

Please email Currie  if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the Woodcock Cycle Works Recreational Club
Thank you for your interest and we will look forward to seeing you out with us for a ride.

You will want to Click the link below to join or just to see the “perks” of our Club Membership. We have more group rides, spin classes, training camps and BBQ’s available for Club Members

For more information phone call the shop at (204)-253-5896 or email Currie.
2013 WCW Club Registration Form
2013 WCW Club Waiver
2013 MCA Membership Form