How to Apply Kick (Grip) Wax

To apply kick wax is a relatively easy process, the selection of your proper waxes can be another story though.

You will only need 3 products here although a 4th is optional if you feel like getting a little more into it.

  • Kick (Grip) Wax

    You will begin to create a collection of these waxes as there are different formulas for different temperatures and waxes for new snow and waxes for old snow. If you are just starting out there are universal waxes available although they do not perform as well as the specific temperature range waxes do. These waxes typically come in metal or plastic cylinders and cost approximately $7.99.

  • Scraper

    This is a plastic scraper (as metal scrapers can damage your base), the same that you would use if you were doing a hot wax. This is needed because there is a simple rule for combining waxes. You can put a warm wax over a cold wax, but not the other way around. If you had a warm wax on previously and you wish to apply a cold wax you will have to scrape and clean off (using a skis wax cleaner remover gets the job done the best but takes more time) the wax in your "kick pocket" and then apply the fresh coat of new wax.

  • Cork

    These are offered in both natural and synthetic. This mainly comes down to personal preference. A natural cork is said to last longer while a synthetic will tend to heat up the wax faster.

  • Thermometer

    Waxes are formulated to go by snow temperature not air temperature. So if you are looking at getting that extra edge a thermometer will help you out at just over $10 for a basic one.

Additional Tips

Now that we have the products necessary to wax our skis we can get on with it.
Just remembering a few basic rules and tips

  1. Cold wax does not go overtop of warm wax
  2. You can layer wax - each layer will last approx. 10km
  3. Make sure you stick in the wax pocket. There are lines on some skis to show where the wax pocket is although these aren't very accurate.
    • To help narrow this down, find a smooth clean floor.
    • Lay your skis next to each other, shoulder width apart. Then stand on both skis and try to put equal weight onto both skis.
    • Then have a partner slide a piece of paper under each ski. Where the paper stops at the front and rear make a mark on the side of your skis.
    • This is a good general area for where you should apply your kick wax.
    • If you cannot slide paper underneath you might be ready to get a new pair of skis as the camber (which allows the skis to come on and off the wax pocket) may have worn out. If the paper goes beyond the lines on the skis they might be to big for you and have to much camber which won't allow you to kick the wax pocket down and not allow you to use the wax pocket to kick off and propel you forward which can be very frustrating and tiring.

Here are the steps to follow for waxing a kick pocket:

If you are applying a colder wax than on your skis scrape off the old wax (and also use a specific Skis wax remover solvent for best results but this step will take longer).

  1. Choose the wax that best suits the conditions, then rub it on each side of the center groove of your ski, staying within your "kick pocket"
  2. Now take your cork and buff that wax in, once you buff it will begin to appear more clear, this is the wax heating up and soaking into the base.
  3. If you are going out for a while try adding another layer of wax so you will not have to stop as frequently. If your just going out for a short ski your done. Get on your skis and enjoy.

Need Help?

Come by the shop and our trained professionals will be able to help you find the wax and other products that will best suit your needs.

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