How to Hot-Wax

There are a few steps to go through when you are going to hot wax your skis. First there are a few items that you will need.

  1. Iron

    A waxing iron is preferred as this does not have holes in the base as a clothes iron would, which will prevent the wax from burning.

    These irons will cost around $50 and up. You can use an OLD clothes iron if you wish just be sure to keep it on a low temperature.

  2. Wax

    You will need to have a hot glide wax. These are sold in various temperature ranges and various qualities.

    Universal temperature ranges are available as well.

  3. Scraper

    Same scraper that you would use to scrape your kick or grip wax off. Use a plastic scraper to prevent damage to the base of your skis.

  4. Brush

    Your hair brush won't cut it for this one. Get a nylon or natural brush for skis, usually a hard or universal brush will work well and quickly.

    These will cost you anywhere from $10 and up. Softer brushes are available and are a little kinder to your bases but require several more passes.

Now that we have our 4 KEY items lets get to it.

If you do not have a ski wax bench they are sold at around $100 and up, or if your handy there are websites out there that will show you how to make a low budget wax bench.

And if your like many of us, especially us old school people you won't need one and can get by without one for now.

It is recommended to use a wax remover to clean your base prior to waxing.

  1. Set your first ski up on the waxing bench. If you do not have a waxing bench rest it on a few boxes to support it off of the ground.
  2. Now with your iron plugged in and turned on heating the iron to the point that the wax melts but doesn't make the wax smoke (when the wax smokes you are burning away key elements of the wax which help you slide easily on the snow)hold your glide wax to the base of the iron and allow it to drip onto the base of the skis in an S pattern from tip to tail of your ski.
  3. You do not need to use alot of wax, using "extra wax" will only cause your wax supply to run out quicker and what you put on, most will have to be scraped off in the next steps to come and force you to come running back to buy more wax.
    Take your iron and run it over the base, do not hold in one position always keep the iron moving along the base (to prevent damaging your base), move over the base slowly and allow the wax you dripped to melt and spread across the base of the ski.
    Now you can make a few passes with the iron allowing the wax to soak into the base of the ski.
    Now remove your ski from the bench and repeat steps 1-3 with the other ski.
  4. After you have finished this process with the other ski, take the ski you were working on first and put it back on the bench, allowing the other ski to cool (or if you have the time and ability put the skis outside in the cold for the wax to set up and repeat heating the wax already on the base a couple times after cooling outside again massaging the wax into the base with the iron after each cooling the base will absorb more wax this way depending on your base material makeup on the bottom of the skis, again this dependent of time constraints you may have and isn't mandatory).
  5. Take your scraper and scrap the excess wax off from tip to tail.
  6. After you have scraped all the excess wax from the base, groove, and some wax that may have dripped onto the side of the ski you are ready to brush.
  7. Take your brush and run it back and forth on the ski, this must be done several times to remove the last bits of wax that the scraper missed.
    Note at the shop we use a round brush on a drill, this is only to speed up the process as we wax many skis on a daily basis, these brushes are available for sale but cost significantly more than a hand held brush.
    Now that your ski is all brushed off repeat steps 5-7 with your other ski.

You are now ready to hit the trails and experience fantastic glide also you should be a little bit faster than you were at first.

Need Help?

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