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So What is Smart Training?

In short, Smart Training is the gamification of cycling. Merging your mechanical bike trainer with a variety of digital platforms you'll experience everything from data readouts like power output and heart rate monitoring, to fully responsive real-time competition or group rides. The trainer you'll need depends on how immersed you want to be; Features range from simple trainers with data output over Bluetooth to direct-driven trainers that simulate rough roads and shake your bike under virtual contact. App developers harness this data and build a variety of platforms that give you a more engaging indoor cycling experience.

Tacx FLUX Smart

Engineered to be stable and whisper quiet while adding realistic climbing resistance, the FLUX Smart Trainer uses wireless connections through ANT+ and Bluetooth to connect to smartphones, tablets, bike computers, even smartwatches. 

Kinetic Rock & Roll Smart Control

The only Smart Trainer that gives you a realistic cycling experience with or without a digital connection. By allowing the top of the trainer to pivot independently of the base you can sprint out of the saddle with a natural motion and get a better core and upper body workout.

Here's a few popular Smart Training Apps.

The features in these Apps range from a true gaming experience to structured training plan, or just a workout that keeps you engaged and having fun. Many of these apps have free trials and tiered payment so you can find something that fits you budget too. Check out this article reviewing the best indoor training Apps for Smart Trainers.

Trainer Road
Tacx Cloud

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