Paul Bunyan Trail Ride

Paul Bunyan Trail Ride

Join us for 4 days of riding on the beautiful, 123 mile Paul Bunyan Trail. This is a paved rail trail that stretches from Bemidji, MN to Brainerd, MN. We will be keeping a relaxed pace to enjoy the scenery and tourist attractions along the ride.

The Details

Date: August 19th - 24th

Location: Paul Bunyan State Trail, Bemidji, MN

The Ride: 123 miles of paved rail trail stretching from Bemidji to Brainerd. There are lots of gravel roads to adventure off on for a ride if the group desires. All bikes will work for this ride, however, it is recommended to ride something comfortable with road/gravel tires. The pace will be relaxed to enjoy the moment, scenery, and wildlife. Each day we will review our destination so if anyone gets restless they can jump off the front and rejoin the group later.

For additional information and further details, please reach out to Currie. 

Paul Bunyan Trail Information:


Please RSVP to Currie

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