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Animal Plastic Bar Ends

A simple press fit design that uses linear flexible ribs to stay snug in the bars. Weight - 0.5 oz [more]

Animal Linear Brake Cable

The Linear Cable has a Teflon coated housing and is braided to improve performance when twisted. [more]

Animal Edwin Flangless Grips

Flangeless version of the classic Edwin signature wavy mushroom style grip, includes plastic barends. Length - 5.5" Weight - 3.4oz (pair) [more]

Animal Edwin Grips

The Edwin grips are designed with a wavy mushroom style pattern that is soft and comfortable. They also come with a matching pair of our plastic bar ends. Weight - 4.0 oz (pair) [more]

Animal Aluminum Bar Ends

CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum, they have a recessed bolt surface to prevent the bolt from being hit and damaged and then difficult to remove. They also use a wedge system to keep them in place. Weight - 2.2 oz [more]

Animal Butcher Pegs

Forged and CNC'd 7075 Aluminum peg. Allows grinding of any surface. 14mm with 10mm adapter. Optional plastic sleeve. Length - 4" Weight - 3.4 oz [more]

Animal Pivotal Stump Posts

Short (135 mm) and simple it is made from forged aluminum and can be run dropped close to the frame. Compatible with any seat using Pivotal Technology. [more]

Animal Integrated Headset

Campy spec integrated headset with sealed cartridge bearings, aluminum upper cover with internal O-ring for a tight fit and laser etched Animal logos for a clean look. Includes 5mm and 7mm headset spacers. Weight - 2.4 oz [more]

Animal Animal BPE Pedals

Concave PC Pedal Bodies. Oversized spindle for superior strength. Gnarling and molded pins for excellent grip. Bushing and tapered cone system. Patent pending. Weight - 14.4 oz [more]

Animal MR Front Load Stem

Simple front load stem. Machined 6061 Aluminum with brushed anodized surfaces and hollow bolts. Reach - 48 mm Weight - 10.2 oz [more]

Animal MR Top Load Stem

Simple top load stem. Machined 6061 Aluminum with brushed anodized surfaces and hollow bolts. Reach - 48mm Weight - 10.6 oz [more]

Animal Big4 Bars

Multi Butted Chromoly 4 pc bars with full post weld heat treatment. Width - 28" Rise - 8.25" Backsweep - 11 Upsweep - 5 Weight - 27.4 oz [more]

Animal Presidential Bars

Jared Washington signature. Multi Butted Chromoly 2 pc bars with post weld heat treatment. Width - 28.5" Rise - 8.5" Backsweep - 11 Upsweep - 2 Weight - 27.3 oz [more]

Animal Sway Bars

The Sway bars are 13 butted heattreated 4130 chromoly. They are 27.5" wide, 7.9" high, with 2.5 of upsweep, 10.5 of backsweep and have a .75" crossbar. Weight - 25 oz [more]

14 Results


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