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BMX Chains

(84 matches)
1664 BMX Ballin' Half Link Chain
1664's BMX Ballin' Chain is one of the toughest Half-Link chains out there. Half link chains make setting up your chain tension easier and smoother.
Salt Rasta Chain
Material: steel, chromized treatment, type 510 HX Size: 1/2” x 1/8” Color: rasta Features: heavy duty bmx chain, salt embossed logo on links Weight: 363 g (0.80 lb?/?12.80 oz) (100 links)
La Casa Half Link Chain
The La Casa Half Link Chain is 1/2" x 1/8" and comes at an affordable price
KMC 410 Chain
KMC's 410 Chain is quite possibly the most popular chain out there. This chain is 1/2" x 1/8" and is available in a ton of colors!
KMC 415 FAT 3/16
Heavy Duty 1/2' x 3/16' Chain
KMC 510H 1/8
People can't get enough of all these great coloured chains! They're durable and they look sweet too!
KMC 510HX 1/8
This 1/2' x 1/8' is the number one selling BMX chain!v
KMC 510HX 1/8
This 1/2' x 1/8' is the number one selling BMX chain in a RAINBOW colorway!
KMC 710 1/8
This is the toughest 1/2" x 1/8" chain out there, but RASTA coloured!
KMC 710 Shiny Chain
The KMC 710 is one of the most popular chains on the market. The only draw back was that until now you couldn't get them in any colours. That has all changed with this new line of coloured 710 chains. The 710SH features bushingless joints for smooth rolling performance, stretch proof coating, mushroomed rivets and the peace of mind that you get when you know your running a chain from the most trusted manufacturer in the industry. - Bushlingless construction for smooth transition - Anti Chain drop technology - Special dynamic configuration - Stretch proof treatment - Noise reduction design - Heavy duty tensile strength - Mushroomed rivets - Inner plate chamfering for expeditious articulating
KMC 710H 1/8
This is the toughest 1/2" x 1/8" chain out there!
KMC 710SL 1/8
The 710SL is light and strong. But most importantly, it comes in gold! The "SL" stands for Super Light, and that's exactly what this 1/2" x 1/8" chain is.
KMC D101 Chain
- 1/2'' x 1/8'' - 1 speed - 1/8" - Sealed, Locking & Bushing'ed - StretchProof
KMC Halflink Chain
We know how you guys love half-link chains, so here it is!
KMC X10.93 10 Speed Chain
KMC chain with extra Stretch Proof Mushroomed Pin enhanced durability. Also has a smooth transmission and reduced noise. - 1/2" × 11/128" - Max.Speed of Sprocket - 10 - Compatible Bikes - 10 speed cassette sprocket, Road Racing
KMC X9.93 9 Speed Chain
- 1/2" × 3/32" - 116 Links - Max. Speed of Sprocket: 8 - Excellent gear shifting - Noise reduction - Smooth transmission - SP Exceptional durability - Compatible Bikes: 8 pcs cassette sprocket, Mountain Bike, Road Racing, Comfort Bike, ATB/Trekking
KMC 510H 1/8
- 1/2" x 1/8" - 112 Links - 1 speed - 1/8" Track Bikes & Heavy Duty BMX, Freestyle - Heavy Duty - DropBuster - Available in USA, France, Germany and Italy versions!
KMC 610HX 1/2
Same great chain as the 510H, only smaller. At 1/2" x 3/32", it is the perfect race chain!
KMC X9SL 11/128
This chain is super light, and intended for race use only. - 11/128" - 116 Links - Also available in a 96 Link version
KMC X9SL 11/128
This chain is super light, and intended for race use only. - 11/128" - 96 Links - Also available in a 116 Link version
La Casa Master Link
La Casa's Master Link includes a safety clip to ensure a secure fit. No chain tool required to disassemble chain.
La Casa Offset Link (for Half-Link Chain)
La Casa's Offset Link for half-link chains makes it easy to get the proper chain length on today's super short dropouts. Works on most 1/2-inch x 1/8-inch chains. • Sold individually
Odyssey Key Chain
Traditional chain pins are 3mm in diameter. The Key Chains are 5mm, and they are available with a hollow or solid pin assembly. These oversized pins are 4 times stronger than traditional pins, and the chances of bending one, whether the pin is hollow or solid, are essentially zero. The 5mm riveted pins provide added strength, but they also provide a bigger contact surface with the chain’s plates, which makes them harder to push out or bend. The hollow pin assembly, by design, allows for a stronger rivet connection to form during manufacturing, resulting in a stronger chain overall. Each plate has a low profile and an extra narrow waist that makes it harder to catch the plates at unwanted times. At 1.4mm, the plates are substantially thicker than the plates of any other chain, and they’re also more than 50% harder to bend than the thickest existing 1.2mm chain plates too. Users can break and re-join the chain with just a 3mm hex key. The chain’s half link plates are taller at the bends to both increase stiffness and minimize stretch. Since the use of a chain breaker to re-join the chain has been eliminated, the pins can retain their original level of tightness from the factory. Also, carrying a spare master link and 3mm allen key in most cases is enough to repair the Key Chain when riding, so lugging around a chain tool is usually unnecessary. By using material as efficiently as possible, Odyssey has strengthened every component of the chain and kept the weight in the same range as their Bluebird chain. Stretching of the chain is minimized by using a standard alternating plate pattern and limiting the chain to a single, beefed up half link. This configuration maximizes the lifespan of the sprocket and driver. - Width: 1/8-inch
Odyssey Bluebird Chain
For our Bluebird chain, Odyssey took the proven and reliable KMC 510-HX chain and added a permanently attached, factory installed half-link to one end. When the chain is trimmed to size you can easily decide whether or not to use the half-link. Original factory assembled pin joints are radically stronger than workshop assembled ones, so this is a huge benefit.
La Casa Aluminum Bottom Bracket Cone Spacer Kit
La Casa's Aluminum Spacer Kit is designed to work with your existing Mid BB, giving you aluminum crank spacers to help with chain alignment. It also comes with 2 aluminum cone washers. • Kit is available for 19mm or 22mm spindles • Internal tube spacer and bearings are not included
United Supreme Pedals
United's Supreme Pedals are sturdy nylon composite pedals with a 9/16-inch hardened chromoly axle and just the right amount of grip to keep you planted on your pedals. • Molded Nylon Body • 9/16-inch hardened chromoly axle • Loose ball bearings • Weight: 12.6 oz per pair
S & M Bikes Slam XLT Handlebar
$99.99 - $129.99
Over 10 years ago, S&M started making their own bars by hand in their Santa Ana, CA shop because they weren't pleased with the other offerings out there. Their Slam XLT bars are nice and wide at 28 inches, with a 3/4-inch crossbar and an 8-inch rise. And at 1.7 pounds, they're nice and light, too. This width helps you get more leverage coming out of the gate, while jumpers and street riders like the extra stability it brings in the air. They're made from butted 100% heat-treated chromoly for serious durability and the clamping area is deeply knurled. Set 'em and forget 'em.
WeThePeople Raptor Grips
Check out the dinosaur skin-like texture of WeThePeople's Raptor grips! Like a raptor, you can wrap your claws around these grips and let the good times roll. The soft, VEX rubber compounds conforms perfectly to your hand, and holds up great to long days on the bike. • 150mm Long, 27.8mm Diameter • 30 durometer rubber • Low flange design • Includes WeThePeople nylon barends
WeThePeople Removable Brake Hardware
WeThePeople's Removable Brake Hardware works with all WTP frames, allowing you to easily remove/add brake hardware. Depending on how you're feeling and what you're riding each day, you can choose to go with or without brakes to make the most of your session. Includes: • 2 thread-in removable U-brake mounts • 2 curved bases (if needed) • 2 U-brake fastening bolts • 2 removable single-bolt gyro tabs • 2 removable cable guides • Brake mount wrench
WeThePeople Seatpost Clamp Bolt & Barrel (Scorpio and Patron Frames)
If you've lost or stripped the original bolt to your WeThePeople Scorpio or Patron frame, get this replacement seatpost clamp bolt and get back out there.
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