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BMX Pedals

(82 matches)
1664 BMX Shaved Beaver Trap Pedals (Unsealed)
1664's Shaved Beaver Trap pedals are clean, slim, and ready for your most aggressive and demanding riding. Made from 6061-T6 aluminium with a knurled surface, 10 replaceable pins and 4140 heat treated axles, these pedals are ready for relentless days in the park and on the jumps. •580 grams per pair •9/16-inch spindle •Unsealed bearings
United Nylist Pedals
- Durable nylon material impregnated with glass fibers - Looseball bearings - Heavy knurling and large pins for improved traction - Weight: 194 grams each - Colors: Black, Purple, Red
United Plastic Pedals
A sturdy nylon composite pedal with 9/16? hardened cromo axle and just the right amount of grip to stop you flying off and damaging the crown jewels.
Fitbikeco Plastic Pedals
These pedals from Fit slide fast… but last! They have a 100% chromoly axles and hardware and use a high quality PC composite material, making them strong but still light. They also give you plenty of traction with the recessed and knurled center section, even after the outside pins are ground off. Size: 9/16” Weight: 14.3 oz
1664 BMX Pedal Pins
1664's Pedal Pins work with most removable pin-style pedals to get your pedals' grip back to like new. •10 pack
Eclat Plaza Nylon Pedals
We quickly realised that pedals don’t need to remain small and as long as the weight is right the pedal can easily be larger in size. The Plaza has quickly become a favorite of the pros and many struggle with idea of going back to a smaller pedal. The Plaza features a knurled top surface and crmo spindle to give it a longer life span. Give it try, you might never go back. Material injection molded nylon / fibreglass Size: 9/16" Bearings: loose ball Colours: black, blue, white Features: knurled top surface / crmo spindle / overall wider pedal body Weight: 403g (14.22oz : 0.88lbs) (per pair)
Eclat Slash Alloy Pedals
Our riders asked for a low profile, micro style alloy pedal using the loose ball bearing system and integrating a replaceable crmo spindle, we scratched our heads and shortly after delivered the Slash Alloy Pedal. It’s somewhere close to perfect in size, features a lightweight design and comes with replaceable pins. It’s basically a faultless pedal. Material: cast alloy body, crmo spindle Bearings: loose ball Colors: black, blue, white, high polished Features: replacable pins / slim lightweight design Weight: 423g (14.92oz : 0.93lbs) (per pair)
Animal Animal BPE Pedals
Concave PC Pedal Bodies. Oversized spindle for superior strength. Gnarling and molded pins for excellent grip. Bushing and tapered cone system. Patent pending. Weight - 14.4 oz
United Supreme Pedals
United's Supreme Pedals are sturdy nylon composite pedals with a 9/16-inch hardened chromoly axle and just the right amount of grip to keep you planted on your pedals. • Molded Nylon Body • 9/16-inch hardened chromoly axle • Loose ball bearings • Weight: 12.6 oz per pair
Eclat Surge CNC Alloy Pedals
Built around a fully sealed bushing system to save weight, the Surge alloy pedal is constructed of 6066 CNC alloy, it features a low-profile slender design and cro-mo spindle. Built to last, the Surge pedal set comes complete with a 17mm maintenance tool and replaceable pins. Lightweight and uncomplicated, the Surge pedals are a cut above the rest. Material: 6066-T6 alloy cnc body, crmo axle Size: 9/16" Bearings: sealed bearing with bushing system & nylon impact ring Colors: black, blue, white, high polished Features: replacable pins / extremely strong pedal body and bearing / crmo spindle / extra pack replaceable pins & nylon impact ring Weight: 423g (14.92oz : 0.93lbs) (per pair)
1664 BMX Shaved Beaver Trap Pedal Pins
1664's Shaved Beaver Trap Pedal Pins get your pedals's grip back to like new. The 10 pack includes 6 set screw pins and 4 bolt pins.
1664 BMX Mid Bottom Bracket
Dress your bike up and get back that smooth pedaling with 1664's Mid Bottom Bracket. Available in 19mm and 22mm options, the sealed Mid BB is super tough and ready to rip.
Salt Junior Nylon Pedal
Material: nylon/fibreglass Size: 9/16” or 1/2” Bearings: loose ball Colors: black, cyan, pink, white Features: crmo axle, strong nylon/fibreglass pedal body Weight: 276g (9.74oz : 0.61lbs) (per pair)
Fitbikeco McIntosh Pedal - Sealed Bearing
Designed with Shawn McIntosh to be comfortable under foot, durable for street and to grip while floating through the air. - Cold Forged Aluminum Body - Sealed bearings - Foot contour matching angled body - Multidirectional concave shape - Large open windowed 12 pin traction body - Protected recessed end cap - Axle accepts 17mm and 15mm box, and 6mm hex
Atomlab Aircorp Pedal
-Super Thin Design -Lots of Pins For Traction -Double DU Bearing System -12mm Chromoly Spindle
Atomlab Pimp Pedal
Atomlab Pimp WRX Pedal
- Race/Freeride Platform Pedals - Lots of Pins and a big surface area - CNC'd Aluminum Body - Burley 4140 Chromo Spindle - Bolt-On Spindle (no C-Clip) - Double I-Glide Bearing System - Allen Bolt Traction Bolts - Laser Etched Logo
Atomlab Pimplite Pedal
Atomlab Pimplite WRX Pedal
- Race/Freeride platform pedalsSet Screw traction pins - CNC'd Aluminum Body - Burley 4140 Chromo Spindle - Bolt-On Spindle (No C-Clip) - Double I-Glide Bearing System - Laser Etched Logo Weight: 360g
S & M Bikes Slam XLT Handlebar
$99.99 - $129.99
Over 10 years ago, S&M started making their own bars by hand in their Santa Ana, CA shop because they weren't pleased with the other offerings out there. Their Slam XLT bars are nice and wide at 28 inches, with a 3/4-inch crossbar and an 8-inch rise. And at 1.7 pounds, they're nice and light, too. This width helps you get more leverage coming out of the gate, while jumpers and street riders like the extra stability it brings in the air. They're made from butted 100% heat-treated chromoly for serious durability and the clamping area is deeply knurled. Set 'em and forget 'em.
WeThePeople Raptor Grips
Check out the dinosaur skin-like texture of WeThePeople's Raptor grips! Like a raptor, you can wrap your claws around these grips and let the good times roll. The soft, VEX rubber compounds conforms perfectly to your hand, and holds up great to long days on the bike. • 150mm Long, 27.8mm Diameter • 30 durometer rubber • Low flange design • Includes WeThePeople nylon barends
WeThePeople Removable Brake Hardware
WeThePeople's Removable Brake Hardware works with all WTP frames, allowing you to easily remove/add brake hardware. Depending on how you're feeling and what you're riding each day, you can choose to go with or without brakes to make the most of your session. Includes: • 2 thread-in removable U-brake mounts • 2 curved bases (if needed) • 2 U-brake fastening bolts • 2 removable single-bolt gyro tabs • 2 removable cable guides • Brake mount wrench
WeThePeople Seatpost Clamp Bolt & Barrel (Scorpio and Patron Frames)
If you've lost or stripped the original bolt to your WeThePeople Scorpio or Patron frame, get this replacement seatpost clamp bolt and get back out there.
WeThePeople Supreme Seat Clamp, 25.4mm
WeThePeople's Supreme Seat Clamp is great for adding a little bit of bling to your ride. This clamp is CNC machined from lightweigh 6061 aluminum and it works with standard BMX 25.4mm seatposts.
WeThePeople Team Pivotal Seatpost
WeThePeople's Team Pivotal seatpost is made from 6061 aluminum for a perfect blend of strength and weight savings. It works with all Pivotal seats and it's 200mm long for plenty of adjustability.
United Direct BMX Tire
$34.99 - $39.99
United's Direct Tire is an ultra-fast high-pressure tire that features a directional pattern with a wider center for improved balance and stability. The whole tire is covered with a fine micro knurling which grips all surfaces at speed, making it a great choice for street, park, and even at the trails when used on the rear. • Wider center directional tread for improved balance • High speed design with low rolling resistance • 120 tpi construction / 110 psi rating • Weights: 2.10": 640g; 2.30": 702g; 2.4": 799g
United Supreme Freecoaster Rear Hub
United's Supreme Freecoaster Rear Hub features a right hand drive, one-piece chromoly 9t driver, CNC machined hub shell, oversized precision sealed bearings, and proven internal parts for a bomber setup. It also also comes with a heat-treated chromoly axle and female bolts. • 36-spoke holes • 6061-T6 aluminium hub shell • Heat treated 4130 axle • Heat treated female axle bolts with 6mm allen key slots and 17mm flats
S & M Bikes Pitchfork
$229.99 - $249.99
Ahhh yes, the legendary Pitchfork. From the trails to the streets, this fork has you covered. S&M builds these True Temper chromoly beauties in their Santa Ana, CA shop with years of manufacturing knowledge. With laser-cut dropouts, a CNC'd top cap and a zinc coating before painting, the Pitchfork is ready to rumble. Following in that tough style, the tried and true straight-leg design is ready for more action than a Bruce Lee movie marathon, so you know it can handle what you're throwing at it. And, it's available with your choice of 3/8-inch or 14mm axles.
S & M Bikes XLT Seat Clamp
$14.99 - $24.99
The XLT Seat Clamp from S&M holds your seatpost with a death grip while weighing in at a scant .9 ounces. It fits 25.4mm and 27.2mm seatposts. Get one.
Odyssey Adjustable Quik Slic Kable
As the name implies, this new version can be easily adjusted to cover 3 different lengths by utilizing the cable’s unique straddle interface connection. This tool-free feature allows the Adjustable Quik Slic Kable to be a one-size-fits-all cable for virtually every braking configuration. FEATURES - Adjustable hanger slot allows upper cable to rotate for optimum alignment. - The integrated hanger and straddle cable creates direct routing to brake arms with no bends or twists to reduce flex. - Linear K-Shield mesh housing offers higher compression rate and lighter weight than standard steel mesh. - All Odyssey Linear cables are offered with the K-Shield housing. - Specially designed and machined Volcano ferrules prevent premature housing blowout. Velcro strap included. SPECS - Housing length: 995mm - Frame requirements: Slotted cable stop and guides. 245mm (+/-3) distance from center brake boss to the front of the cable stop is recommended. - Brake requirements: Open-ended U-brake arms. - Works with most brake levers. - Velcro strap included.
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