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Eclat  Corkx Nylon Barends
Our nylon bar ends are super lightweight, they have a lasting durability and they are so simple to install. Pop them in your bars and get on with nailing those tricks without getting stabbed! Material: full nylon Features: unique over-tube cap design, split ribs for easier fitting Weight: 17g (0.59oz : 0.03lbs)
Eclat  Force Brakepads
The force is strong with this one, super simple, super lightweight and complete with male or female bolts, and lightweight alloy internal structure. The perfect way to stop. Material: soft rubber compound with a forged 6061-T6 alloy internal structure Colors: black, white, clear/black, clear/orange, clear/midnight teal Features: available as regular bolt or female bolt brake pad version / comes with all required hardware (bolts, etc) Length: 60mm Weight: 41g (1.44oz : 0.09lbs) (per pair)
Eclat  Slot Machine Pegs
Simple but effective. The éclat Slot Machine peg may look simple, but then appearances can be deceiving. This peg has a butted 4140 crmo construction providing immense strength, whilst the machined slots and holes combined with liquid heat-treatment keep it super light. Material: 4140 crmo liquid heat-treated Size: as 3/8" or 14mm axle hole version available Length: 4" Outer Diameter: 35mm Colours: black Features: smaller diameter / double-butted dent prevention design / light weight design 5 bore holes, between 5 slick cut-outs / sold as single Weight: 4": 179g (6.31oz : 0.39lbs) (per piece)
Eclat Plaza Nylon Pedals
We quickly realised that pedals don’t need to remain small and as long as the weight is right the pedal can easily be larger in size. The Plaza has quickly become a favorite of the pros and many struggle with idea of going back to a smaller pedal. The Plaza features a knurled top surface and crmo spindle to give it a longer life span. Give it try, you might never go back. Material injection molded nylon / fibreglass Size: 9/16" Bearings: loose ball Colours: black, blue, white Features: knurled top surface / crmo spindle / overall wider pedal body Weight: 403g (14.22oz : 0.88lbs) (per pair)
Eclat Sniper Brakelever
The Sniper is a more refined lever, a sleeker looking model but still using cold-forged 6066-T6 alloy and utilizing all the modern elements from our previous levers. One of the main differences with our levers is the attention to detail we put into the barrel joint, in the past levers have always suffered here with over tightening and threading. Éclat use stronger cromoly in this area so the brake alignment is never compromised while tightening the barrel. The Sniper lever comes in two versions, a 1 finger lever and 2 finger lever. The option is yours. Material: 6066-T6 alloy cold forged Colors: black, blue, high polished Features: left or right version available / unique clasp design, very strong hinge construction / perfect shaped lever geometry / improved knuckle space Weight (2 FINGER LEVER) 98g (3.45oz : 0.21lbs) Weight (1 FINGER LEVER) 94g (3.31oz : 0.20lbs)
Eclat Nathan Williams Nylon Peg
When we spoke to Nathan about developing a nylon/fibreglass peg we quickly realised we didn’t need to follow the way the current pegs on the market were and look more towards the future. The peg is designed with a heat treated crmo inner peg, that is then injected with a surrounding layer of nylon/fiberglass. This makes the peg incredibly strong and even when worn through, the plastic holds onto the inner peg. You can just rotate and keep on grinding.
Eclat Dual Headset
$42.99 - $48.99
The éclat Dual headset offers a new take on the integrated headset system. Due to the inclusion of two exclusive top caps and additional spacers, the Dual headset offers a variety of stack heights (from 7-20mm), so you can run your bars low or high, depending on your preference. Constructed of 7075-T6 CNC machined and sealed bearings, the Dual headset is so light (79 grams) and it’s available in a wide range of colors for 2013, including black, blue and high polished. Material: 7075-T6 alloy cnc machined, high-end sealed bearings 2013 Colours black, blue, high polished Features: supplied with two exclusive top caps (low or high design) & two 3mm spacers, variable stack heights between 7-20mm possible Weight: 79g (2.78oz : 0.17lbs) (includes everything)
Eclat Mid BB Set
A simple, stylish CNC’d Mid BB available in both 19 and 22mm sizes. The perfect way to compliment your ride with etched éclat detailing and lightweight aluminum spacers.
Eclat Slash Alloy Pedals
Our riders asked for a low profile, micro style alloy pedal using the loose ball bearing system and integrating a replaceable crmo spindle, we scratched our heads and shortly after delivered the Slash Alloy Pedal. It’s somewhere close to perfect in size, features a lightweight design and comes with replaceable pins. It’s basically a faultless pedal. Material: cast alloy body, crmo spindle Bearings: loose ball Colors: black, blue, white, high polished Features: replacable pins / slim lightweight design Weight: 423g (14.92oz : 0.93lbs) (per pair)
Eclat Boxer Stem
It’s probably best describing the boxer stem as a new wave stem; it’s not only modern and progressive but designed with every ounce of expertise you’d expect from éclat. At 48 mm we believe this stem is near perfect, and you’ll find a slightly different clamping system at the front to offset the clamping force. Comes in a full CNC finish and looks super fresh sat on top of your forks. Material: 6061-T6 alloy, full cnc machined Steertube: 1 1/8“ clamp-on Reach: 48mm Colors: black, blue, high polished Features: very light and strong front load stem / 6mm micro head hollow bolts / unique offset rear for improved clamping / material saving and unique look Weight: 246g (8.68oz : 0.54lbs)
Eclat  Sean Burns Stem
Sean Burns could well be the greatest test dummy for any parts brand ever. He came to us with a strong idea about a solid stem that could hold up against a variety of big drops and rail hops. For Sean, we created a fully CNC machined 7075-t6 alloy stem with a unique offset rear for enhanced clamping (easily flipped too). If you plan on going big, get something that’s going to take the impact. Material: 7075-T6 alloy, full cnc machined Steertube: 1 1/8“ clamp-on Reach: 50mm Colors black, blue, high polished Features: Sean Burns signature stem / very light and strong top load stem / 6mm micro head hollow bolts / maximum machined design so weight is minimal / unique offset rear for improved clamping / can be ridden flipped Weight: 273g (9.62oz : 0.60lbs)
Eclat Nathan Williams Stem
If you have never heard of Nathan Williams then you need your head checking, the BMX innovator from Nashville has been riding and progressing for a while now and continues to raise the bar in terms of ‘technical street riding’ and just doing his own thing. When it came down to working on a stem together he had some interesting ideas, using the pinch system was something we incorporated and just keeping it lightweight and strong was on top of the list. Made from 6061-T6 Alloy and fully CNC machined. It has a 49mm reach and has a unique offset rear for an improved clamping system. Nathan wanted to stem that was going to look, feel great and do the job it was meant for, a brief we felt we were able to deliver. Material: 6061-T6 alloy, full cnc machined Steertube: 1 1/8“ clamp-on Reach: 49mm Colors: black, blue, high polished Features: Extremely light and strong top load stem / 6mm micro head hollow bolts / laser side & cap logo / unique offset rear for improved clamping / material saving and unique look / counter sink cap for a cleaner look Weight: 289g (10.19oz : 0.63lbs)
Eclat Surge CNC Alloy Pedals
Built around a fully sealed bushing system to save weight, the Surge alloy pedal is constructed of 6066 CNC alloy, it features a low-profile slender design and cro-mo spindle. Built to last, the Surge pedal set comes complete with a 17mm maintenance tool and replaceable pins. Lightweight and uncomplicated, the Surge pedals are a cut above the rest. Material: 6066-T6 alloy cnc body, crmo axle Size: 9/16" Bearings: sealed bearing with bushing system & nylon impact ring Colors: black, blue, white, high polished Features: replacable pins / extremely strong pedal body and bearing / crmo spindle / extra pack replaceable pins & nylon impact ring Weight: 423g (14.92oz : 0.93lbs) (per pair)
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