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Marinoni P-Star
The velodrome is to cycling what the arena is to hockey : essential. Several of the biggest cycling champions made a name on the boards before dominating their opponents on the roads of the most prestigious races. Many even consider the track as a necessary step for every cyclist. The P-STAR is our new track bike... our new star! This new carbon monocoque frame is very rigid and will for sure satisfy the most demanding track racer!
Marinoni Turismo Extreme
All roads world-wide will be yours to discover with the TURISMO! Robust and stable, its frame has been designed to withstand heavy loads while providing for a maximum transfer of energy per pedal stroke, allowing the cyclist to reach their destination as efficiently as possible! The EXTREME version is equipped with powerful disk brakes for additional security, allowing the cyclist to control their downhill speed without overheating the rims, hence minimizing the risk of flat tires.
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