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Woodcock Cycle Works is a service first shop. Our goal is to get you riding and to keep you riding, regardless of the equipment that you own. Our service department has decades of collective experience and our stockpile of parts enables us to complete almost any repair. To keep things running smoothly year round, we have a few policies.

  • Repairs with an estimated cost of $200 or more require a $50 deposit.
  • A buffer of $20 is assumed for all repairs.
  • Full payment of parts and labour is required prior to equipment being returned.
  • Equipment left for longer than 60 days after recorded notification will be assumed to have been abandoned.
  • A $3/day storage fee will be applied to repairs of equipment left more than 14 days following repair completion notification.
  • Repaired equipment can only be obtained with original paper work or photo identification.
  • Equipment must arrive 24 to 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment in order to ensure next day completion.