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2022 Rocky Mountain Pre-Sale List

The items listed are general categories of bikes that we expect to see in the 2022 season.

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Fat Bikes

It’ll take way more than hell freezing over to stop the Blizzard. With massive tire real-estate and mega clearance, snow’s no issue for the Blizzard. Don’t mistake it for a fat-tired gimmick—aggressive trail geometry and a no-nonsense mountain bike ride character differentiates it from the bandwagoners. 

Blizzard A10


Entry level starting point in the Blizzard line up. Perfect option for the point where budget meets performance. Sturdy aluminum frame, Deore 10spd componentry and 26-inch wheels make this bike the perfect companion for anyone looking to add a new hobby to their winter line-up.

Blizzard A20


This mid-performance monster in the Blizzard line-up will help you hit harder climbs, bigger courses, and keep your ride in peak condition. It features an aluminum frame, upgraded Deore 12spd components, and tubeless ready 26-inch rims and studdable tires to help you push your ride harder and farther. 

Blizzard C30


Take your performance to the next level! The Blizzard C30 has a lightweight carbon frame and race-ready 27.5 inch wheels that will keep you pinning hard lines on the trail, or climbing onto the podium. With Shimano Deore 12spd componentry, tubeless ready and studdable tires, and no-nonsense gemotery, the Blizzard C30 is sure to handle any challenge you throw it's way. Who ever said fatter is slower?


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