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The future is now!


We've seen massive changes in the cycling industry over the past few years, and we have worked hard to keep you in the loop to make sure you get the items you want. 

We want to have completely open communication about the struggles the cycling industry has faced in getting products in a timely manner, so that you can be well-informed when making your purchase decisions.


How Do I Reserve a Pre-Sale Item?

1. Find Model

Choose the bike of your dreams! Find what brand, style, size and components you are looking for, and then take a look at what we are expecting to reserve in the coming season.

Not sure where to start? Check out the brands we carry below to get an idea of what we are expecting. Or, chat with our experienced sales staff to get you started!

2. Submit Request

Once you have taken a look at the bikes we are expecting, send us your request with specifics about the brand, model, size, and price point you are looking for. Someone from our team will be in touch with you to discuss the options available.

3. Place Deposit

After confirming with our team what bike you would like to pre-order, we will send you instructions for how to complete your deposit payment. You will also need to sign a Pre-Purchase agreement stating that you understand the flux of the current market. Further instruction will be provided once communication is started.

4. Happy Riding!

Good things come to those who wait! As soon as your bike arrives, you will be notified to come down to our shop to get sized, and pick out your accessories. After that, it's happy riding! And you can feel that happy-go-lucky feeling of New Bike Day except it will be soooo much better after the anticipation of waiting!


Prices are subject to change.

Due to increased cost of raw goods, currency fluctuation and shipping price increases, products may be subject to changes to Manufacturer’s Accepted Pricing (MAP) between now and delivery of the product. These changes are out of our control and subsequently the prices quoted are subject to change at any time without notice.

Timeframes are ESTIMATES.

The timeframe quoted at time of inquiry are estimates and thus, they are subject to change at any point, up until the item arrives. 

This year has been wild, and waiting is now the new normal. It's frustrating, trust us, we know. Despite the uncertainty, we thank you for your patience and continued support! 

Right to Withhold Embargoed Info

Information provided will be based on what is available to consumers at the time of inquiry. Certain details such as componentry, images, colours or geometry may be withheld in order to respect dealer confidentiality.

20% DEPOSIT required.

To create a pre-purchase, a deposit of 20% of the final sale price, including taxes, is required. This 20% deposit is refundable at any point* between the date of signing and delivery of the bike. This is fully refundable for the FIRST reservation, consecutive deposits will not be refunded. 

*This does not apply to custom bike orders.

Bikes must be picked up within 30 days of arrival in store.

After the item arrives, the purchaser must pick it up within 30 days of arrival. If a pre-purchased item is not picked up within this time, the deposit will be forfeit and the item will be added to store inventory.

Bikes that are fully paid off must be picked up within 14 days.

If the bike is paid off in full and is not picked up within 14 days of the final transaction, the owner will acquire a holding fee of $2/day that the bike is left in store.

Currently, we are unable to pre-sell bikes to out of province customers.

Bikes must be purchased and picked up in province and will not be shipped out.

See In Store for Up To Date Pre-Purchase Lists!

With the changes in the seasons a lot of our brand order lists are in fluctuation. 

Drop by to talk to one of our sales staff for the most up to date information.