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canadian flagWe offer FREE Canada-wide shipping and free city-wide deliveries for orders $250 or more. (Some exclusions apply, please email for details).

Finance your purchase today!

Enjoy the safety and convenience of financing your purchase today. We are offering a safe and secure method of processing all financing requests, big or small.

How It Works


Apply for financing online through our SECURE website


Select which PRODUCT and PAYMENT PLAN suits your needs


Email with your PRODUCT selection, preferred PAYMENT plan and CONTACT information


Arrange a time for CURBSIDE product pickup and ID VERIFICATION


Pickup your purchase and ENJOY!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ID is accepted?

We can accept the following forms of Primary ID:

  1. Canadian Driver’s Licence

  2. Government-issued Canadian Birth Certificate

  3. Canadian Passport

  4. Canadian Forces Identification Card

  5. Certificate of Indian Status Identity Card/ Indian and Northern Affairs Card

  6. Canadian Citizenship Card

  7. Permanent Resident Card

We can accept the following forms of Secondary ID:

  1. Valid Major Credit Card

  2. Social Insurance Number (card must be present or a document that includes the customer’s: Social Insurance Number, Customer’s Full Name and Customer’s Current Address).

  3. Fairstone Retail Services Card

  4. Current Month Utility Bill or Bank Statement

  5. Senior Citizen ID Card

  6. Firearms Registration Card

How do I verify my ID?

When you arrive at our store, have your two pieces of approved ID handy, we will bring a clipboard with an attached bag and leave it next to your vehicle. Place your ID in the bag and we will verify the ID in store. All items including ID will be sanitized after pickup and before we return them to you. We will complete your transaction and bring all necessary paperwork to you for signing and drop off your newly purchased product next to your vehicle.

When will I have to start making payments?

Payment will vary based on which plan is selected. For more information please email 

Can someone else pick up my order?

No. Since all purchases made with financing require physical confirmation of ID, as well as a signature in order to process, you must be present to complete the transaction.

Can I return pick up items at the store?

Due to the current situation, all items removed from the store must be returned at a later date. We have relaxed our return policies during this current situation and will honor them as soon as we are able to do so safely.

What if the product isn’t in stock?

For items that are not in stock, please allow for 7-14 business days for delivery. You will be notified once the product has arrived and is ready for pickup.

What if I can’t find the item I want on your site?

We are always trying to keep our website as up to date as possible. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call us at (204) 253 5896 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.