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Kid's Half-Back Bicycle Program

We realize that kids grow like crazy and every kid deserves a bike that fits them perfectly. Because of this, we are happy to offer our Kids Half Back Program.

Our Half Back programs applies to all new kids bicycles purchased at Woodcock Cycle within 2 years. Once the bicycle has been traded in, it will then get cleaned and tuned-up and sold used at a discounted price. (Please note that any used kids bikes purchased with us are not eligible for The Half Back Program, or a free one year tune up. They are still eligible for accessory discounts and a 90 day adjustment period.)

There is no Fee or cost to join this program. Children's bicycles wheel sizes 12"-24" are eligible for our half back program.

  • 2 year limit on the program (Children's bikes are only valid for half-back within 2 years of the original date of purchase and no grace period will be offered).
  • Bikes returned after the two year period, and up to three years maximum would be eligible for a rebate of up to 30%. All other conditions and exclusions apply.
  • Program is currently offered on Miele, Louis Garneau, Giant, Kona, Cube, Electra and Evo Kids Bikes.
  • Children's BMX bicycles are not included in our half back program.
  • Any damages (ex. broken pedals, skidded tires, etc.) will be subtracted from the half back value of the bicycle upon return.
  • Must provide original copy of receipt upon return of bicycle.

Need help choosing the correct size bike for your child? See our size guide below to help you make a decision.

Kid's Half-Back XC Ski Program

Here is how it works:

  • Purchase any complete Kids XC Ski Package
  • Bring it back within 1 year to receive half of the original purchase price, off of the next package
  • Bring it back within 2 years to receive 30% of the original purchase price, off of the next package


Start: Purchase new junior package for $270 (not including taxes)

Year One: Bring the entire package back for $135 off of the next package (say the exact same package as year one for $270, you will only be paying $135)

Year Two: Bring the entire package back for $80 off of the next package

If in year one all you need is new boots, then bring the boots back for half off the next pair of boots (only if you have previously purchased an entire package) you will receive half of what you originally paid for the boots off of the next pair of boots for that child.

Then in year two if the child needs an entire new package, bring everything back, you will receive half back on the boots, and 30% back on everything else.

  • Only applies to junior packages, as soon as the child grows into an adult package there is no longer any trade in
  • Only applies to items that make up a ski package (skis, boots, poles, bindings)
  • After 2 years there is no trade in option
  • Equipment must remain in good condition (wear and tear only), any abuse and anything beyond normal wear and tear will result in refusal for the product to be accepted as part of the half back, or a value less than half back being offered. Should the condition be questionable discretion will be up to the senior staff on duty.