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Major Tune

Free estimate at drop off 

Wheel truing (radial and lateral adjustment and spoke tension - includes spoke replacement labor)

Frame and wheel cleaning and inspection 

Brake adjustment 

Brake bleed 

Shifting adjustments (limits, cable tension, derailleur hanger straightening) 

Hub overhaul 

Bottom bracket overhaul 

Ultrasonic cleaning of derailleur, chain rings, chain and cassette  

Cable and housing installation 

Chain, cassette, wheels, tires and brake installation  

15% off additional labour A la carte  

Safety inspection (inspection of torque specification and component integrity) 

60 day follow up tune (minor tune covering break-in period of new components) 

*All parts are extra 

*Add $20 for internally routed cable and housing 

*Add $50 for full suspension bikes (additional cleaning, inspection and linkage service) 


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequencies to create cavitation in the liquid to remove contaminants from equipment surfaces.The bubbles act as a sponge to scrub away dirt, grease and other contaminants.

Headset Overhaul

Like most other bicycle bearings, the headset needs periodic maintenance to keep it running smoothly. We will service all types of headsets, whether they need replacing or a repack, we’ve got you covered.

Bottom Bracket Overhaul

Bottom brackets are the heart of your bicycle. Our techs will replace, repack, or press in new bearings to rejuvenate the ride of your bicycle, and give you miles of headache free riding.

Cable & Housing Installation

Over time exposure to the elements results in corroded cables and sticky and cracked housing. Additional resistance from those factors negatively impacts cable operated derailleurs and brakes. The installation of fresh cables and housing can help restore the functionality of your well used bike to its former glory. Keep in mind that after installation new cables will stretch - make sure to bring your bike back for the complementary follow-up tune.