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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help unloading and loading my bike from my vehicle?
You can drop off your bike/skis in the curbside pickup/drop off area in the back parking lot of the store. When you arrive, please knock on the back door or call us at (204) 253 5896 and we will come out to collect your bike/skis. Please have your bike/skis outside of your vehicle and ready to be collected. We will not take in any bikes/skis that are still in a vehicle.

How will I know what my bike/ski needs?
We will email or call you with a quote once we have checked over your bike/skis. Once the quote is "okayed" we will go ahead with the service work.

How will I pay for my service?
Services can be paid with debit or credit at curbside or through an online invoice.

Can I get help unloading and loading my bike from my vehicle?
With the social distancing measures in place we will not be able to assist with any unloading or loading of bikes.

Can I bring in my bike or skis without an appointment?
No. We are accepting bikes or skis by appointment only.

When can I drop off my bike or skis?
Bikes and skis must be dropped off at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment. If a bike or skis are dropped off the same day of the appointment we will not be able to guarantee the work will be finished that day.

When will my bike/skis be ready for pickup?

We will contact you when your bike/skis are ready. Upon arrival, please visit the curbside pick up area at the back door to pick up your item(s). If a staff member is not outside, please knock lightly on the back door. This can be done during open hours. Mon-Fri: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm

How long will you hold my bike/skis?

We will hold your bike/skis for 48 hours once the repair is finished. Bikes/skis not picked up within this time frame will be charged an additional $2/day that they remain in the store.

Where do I go to pick up my bike/skis?

Please pick up your bike/skis at the marked off curbside pick up area at the back of the store.

Want to book an appointment? 

We made that easy by creating a simple form to fill out. Once received, a member of our Service Department will get back to you with the next available appointment date! You are also welcome to call the Service Department at (204) 253 5896