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Please call to book your Spring Bike Tune or Repair

Because we have a very limited amount of space to store bicycles we ask that you please call to make an appointment for Bicycle Tunes & Repairs. Our current turn around time is around 2 weeks.

Call 204 253 5896 to book an appointment.

Ski & Snowboard Service

Wax Packages

 Silver Wax PackGold Wax PackPlatinum Wax Pack
Wax RemovalYesYesYes
Baseprep WaxYesYes
General Purpose WaxYes
Temperature Specific WaxYes
Temperature Specific Fluorinated WaxYes
Base Scrape, Brush and PolishYesYesYes

Premium Ski Tuning - (Alpine $65, Nordic $40)

The best choice for the restoration of heavily used skis. Premium ski tuning includes:

     • Base Cleaning and Preparation

     • Moderate P-Tex Repairs

     • Base Grind and Structure

     • Edge and Base Leveling

     • Edge Sharpening and Finishing (Alpine)

     • General Purpose Wax

     • Base Scrape, Brush and Polish

Additional Services

Nordic Hot Box (6 hours)$20
Alpine/Snowboard Hot Box (6 hours)$25
Mount Bindings$15
Cut Poles$10-$15

About Our Repairs

Our experienced technicians have decades of collective experience tuning and repairing skis and snowboards. Service on skis and snowboards are completed using industry leading Wintersteiger equipment and Swix and Vauhti waxes.

Please note that all prices are minimum charges and may increase depending on the condition of the ski and outcome of a technician evaluation.