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WCW Ride On Guarantee!

First of all, thank you for supporting your local bike shop! 

Trust us, we're almost as stoked about your new purchase as you are, and we want to help you care for it.

That's why we offer the following programs and policies to keep you rolling and loving your ride!


RIDE-ON Guarantee!

We want to make sure your bike is running smoothly long after it's gone home with you. Your bike's natural break-in period will affect its performance. Your brakes, derailleurs and wheels will need adjustment to keep them working reliably and within a year it will most likely need a bit of a tune up to keep it riding as well as the day you bought it.  

Our RIDE-ON Guarantee includes the following: 

Minor Adjustments for 90 Days

  • Unlimited Gear/Brake/Wheel adjustments + minor truing for the first 90 days after purchase
  • This covers the labor to adjust stretched cables, misaligned brakes and truing wheels.

1 Free Flat Repair

  • This includes the price of one tube and the labor to change it within 365 days. 

  • Alternatively, we will cover the labor to re-seat a factory installed tubeless tire and 2oz of sealant within 90 days.**

1 Free Minor Tune within your first 365 Days***

  • This will cover the labor of our Minor Tune (valued at $89.99).

*Ride-On guarantee does not cover the cost to replace or upgrade wear items such as tires, tubes (exception for 1st flat repair), chains, brake pads, cables, drivetrain components, grips and bar tape. All upgraded items are installed at the specified labor rate or at our hourly shop rate of $90/hr. Does not apply to used bikes.

**Within 90 days, this will cover the cost to reseat 1 tubeless tire and top up with 2oz of sealant.

***Complimentary Minor Tune must be booked in advance and before 365 days has elapsed from purchase date and must be scheduled no more than 30 days after 365 days has elapsed from purchase date. Annual Tune and Major Tune are not included. Not applicable for credit of any kind. Any additional work required beyond the Minor Tune will be billed a la carte as required. Only applies to the bicycle purchased.

+In-stock items only

Want to book a service appointment?

Learn more about the quality service that we offer here at Woodcock Cycle Works!

Fit-Right Program

Bicycle fit is the most important thing when it comes to enjoying your new ride and at Woodcock Cycle Works we take it very seriously.

Not only do we offer a state-of-the-art Retul motion capture fit studio for the ultimate in precision fitting, but our sales staff are experts in dialing in the fit of your new ride; from a beach cruiser to a triathlon bike or anything in between. 

That’s why our Fit-Right Program enables you to find the perfect position on any bike, no matter what.

How Does It Work?

Every bike that is purchased is sized by our experienced sales staff. They will recommend the best size of bike for your particular needs, based on your height, leg length, desired riding position and other critical factors. 

We will get you riding comfortably, but we realize that every person is built a little differently and some items may need to be changed in order to get the perfect position for you.

If you need to purchase a new stem, seatpost, saddle or handlebar to dial in your fit you can take 15% off all those items and we’ll cover the cost and install it for free, for up to 14 days after purchase!* 

Get 15% off fit items and FREE INSTALLATION for 14 DAYS after a new bike purchase!* 

*Some exclusions apply. Dropper posts, road handlebars and integrated cockpits are not installed free of charge in the Fit-Right Program, they will be discounted by 15% but labor to install the item will be charged accordingly. After 14 days any additional items purchased and the labor to install them will be at the cost of the consumer.

** Discount is off of Retul Fit Labor rate only and does not apply to fit items, accessories, apparel or footwear. Minimum purchase price of $1000.00 (before tax). Must be used within 90 days. 

+In-stock items only

New Bike Accessory Discount

You know what's sweeter than getting a brand new bike that you love? Getting a discount on all of your ride-essential items at the same time!

Get 20% off all accessories* when you purchase 5 or more items with a new bike!

Eligible accessories include:

Water Bottle

Inner Tube

Patch Kit


Bottle Cage

Pannier Bags

Bike Computer**








Pannier Racks

*The discount applies to MSRP, and cannot be combined with any other sales, offers or promotions.

**Not applicable for items from Garmin, Wahoo, Thule, Yakima, Kuat, or special order items. 

***Not applicable on labour, components/parts, or select tools.

+Applied to in-stock items only. 

Some other exclusions may apply.

Ordering online? A rebate will be applied after the order is completed.

The discount is not automatic. After all items have been purchased, our online orders team will provide a rebate on all eligible items*.

Don't see something on the list? Talk to one of our sales staff for more information!

Upgrade Options

Love your new bike, but want a spiffier wheelset? Maybe a dropper post on that mountain bike? Great! We understand that a new bike can be a big expense, so we make it a little easier to plan any upgrades and install any parts to fully customize your new ride and make it truly unique.

Below is our upgrade program with pricing and labor rates! +


10% off MSRP

Install Fee Waived (includes swapping tires, installing rotors, cassette and mounting to bike)

Drivetrain Components

5%off MSRP

Install Fee dependent on item (see in-store for details)

Dropper Posts

15% off MSRP

$45.00 Install Fee - Internal

$25.00 Install Fee - External

Road Handlebars

15% off MSRP

$20.00 install Fee

MTB style handlebar/stem

15% off MSRP

Install fee waived


20% off MSRP

Install Fee Waived*

Integrated Cockpits/Handlebars/ Stems

15% off MSRP

Install Fee Dependent on item (see in-store for details)

Want something else you don’t see here? Come see us, or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to go over the pricing for you!

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+In-stock items only

*Tubeless tires are charged install fee + the cost of any necessary items (tape, valves, sealant, etc)

Enjoy the Ride!