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Cube Bikes 20
Towns and cities are so often plagued by slow-moving traffic and frustrating commutes. But getting around can be fun, safe, and doesn't need to involve sitting in a tin box. Say hello to our brand-new Compact Sport Hybrid, a Bosch e-bike that re-writes the rules of urban mobility. Powered by Bosch's quiet, powerful, and sporty Performance drive unit and 500Wh battery, it amplifies your pedaling to drive Shimano's reliable and easy-to-use 10-speed derailleur gear system with a gear range wide enough to tackle any hill with ease. You'll be amazed at the simple, intuitive way the Bosch system takes your pedaling power and adds to it, taking the stress and sweat out of riding and turning it into a simple, everyday pleasure that's both healthy for you and good for the environment. The rugged, easy, step-through frame fits riders of all sizes thanks to the easily adjustable saddle and handlebar positions, while compact 20-inch wheels mean it's zippy and maneuverable out on the streets and easy to store at home. We fitted it with fenders to help keep you clean and dry when the roads are wet, and it's fully compatible with front and rear racks so that you can easily carry all your day-to-day stuff. You can mount a lock to it, so you've got peace of mind when you have to leave it outside a shop or office for a short while, and powerful disc brakes work safely and predictably in all weather, ensuring you're always in full control. The Compact Sport Hybrid is so much fun, so versatile, and so easy to live with, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
Cube Bikes Touring Pro
The CUBE Touring Pro has two standout features. First, of course, there's its high-quality aluminum frame: light, comfortable, and efficient—whether you're riding across town or heading out in search of new routes on the weekend, it'll win you over from the first turn of the pedals. Second, there's its powerful hydraulic disc brake system. Why did we select disc brakes for our versatile tourer? Simple: because they slow you down safely and reliably, whatever the weather's doing. And, that's an important consideration, whether you're an everyday rider braving the traffic on the way to work or an occasional tourer exploring on the weekends. Hidden rack and fender mounts and internally routed cables will have you amazed at its utilitarian, yet elegant looks. Combined with the reliable Shimano 24-speed transmission, a full complement of fenders, rear rack, and a built-in lighting system, it's the perfect companion for many, many miles of riding pleasure.
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