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Special Needs

Belize Tri-Rider 14 Special Needs Tricycle
Designed from the ground up with special needs in mind, the Tri-Rider 14 trike is the perfect companion for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy (CP), a related disability or handicap. Riding this bike promotes growth and learning through a healthy, fun and safe experience. It is a great choice for building up your child's self confidence, independence and mobility. The Tri-Rider 14 special needs tricycle is designed to grow with your child - adjustable seat height and position will maintain a comfortable seating position through the years. Features: • Weighted pedals with strap. • Adjustable safety handlebar and stem. • Support seat with belt. • Adjustable back support, wide and narrow, high and low, front and back. • Rear basket. • Fixed drive. • Push bar. • Parking brake to aid mounting and dismounting of bike. • Tricycle Weight: 24kg, 52lbs • Weight limit : 50 kg, 110 lbs • Color: Red with yellow fenders Dimensions: • Wheels: 14" • Inseam: 15”-19”; • Step-over: 12" • Length: 47” • Width: 24” .
EZ Trainer Adult Training Wheels
EZ TRAINER ADULT with Quick Release included This product has been specifically developed for adults who love to ride but with age start losing a bit of confidence on their bicycles due to loss of balance and stabilization and this especially at slow cornering speeds. Much smaller, less heavy and easier to maneuver than a tri-cycle, the rider keeps his already learned position when riding. Nothing comes closer to the actual way of riding a bicycle when having to have some type of support. EZ Trainer's Adult Stabilizer wheels Kit includes now the quick release coil allowing for optimal transportability while fitting in narrow spaces. Not to mention less expensive because they keep their existing bicycle, easy to install on most bicycles and works great. This product can also be utilized in the fields of re-habilitation as well as for the handicapped. This product is patented and certified to EN and JIS standards. Product comes in one model adaptable to 24", 26" and 28" inch wheelbase bicycles and two colors, ED-Black and CP-Chrome.
Hand powered front wheel drive. An internal hub-based gear shifting system is built into the front wheel.This provides ultra smooth shifting and is virtually maintenance-free. The entire front frame section is removable and connects easily, quickly and securely using a bolt-on system. The seat can be repositioned quickly and easily to allow the rider to achieve an optimally efficient distance between seat and handlebars. The rear wheels are removed using a single finger push system, allowing the bike to be broken down very quickly.
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