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Features precision sealed bearings for some fast rolling, 36h, and a male – female axle system meaning no extra ugly axle sticking out waiting to slice your shins.
BSD Pivotal seatpost available in 185mm. – 3D forged pivotal seatpost – For use with Pivotal seats only
-Specific 6-prong fitting tool for ACS Crossfire freewheels -Fits over both 3/8" and 14mm axles -Compatible with both M30 and Std ISO Crossfire freewheels (same 6-prong fitting used on all sizes)
Replacement 48 Spline Chromoly Spindle for 1664, Eastern 720, Profile, Macneil, and any other 48 Spline cranks.
$29.99 - $39.99
- Durable cold forged CNC machined freewheel - 3 pawl engagement for stronger hold with engagement every 12 degrees - New removal notch pattern allows for better frame clearance
Universal hub guard from Salt. Made from aluminum, the salt universal guard is designed for 14mm axles and fits the majority of hubs on the market using the spacers and adapter kit. Material: 7075-T6 alloy, full cnc finish. Size: for 14mm axle. Colors: black, cyan, pink, polished. Features: for most cassette hubs with 14mm axle; 7075-T6 alloy full cnc body with heat treated crmo hardware. Weight: 104g (3.66oz : 0.22lbs).
It's a traditional straight up pivotal design with a 135mm length
With larger thicker teeth than the standard Crossfire freewheels and crumbly sprockets with four pawls (two pairs engaging alternatively), the ACS Fat is perfect for street and park riders who like to grind and are tough on their kit 16T 3/16" fits standard ISO 1.375 x 24 TPI thread pitch and pairs perfectly with the KMC K415H (251036) Accommodates wider chains for street riding Fits standard threads
The BSD Jersey Barrier is the original plastic and aluminium two piece hubguard. It features a 7075 aluminium inner supporting a replaceable high density plastic guard. Sold singly. - 'Back Street Pro' fits BSD Back Street Pro hub - 'Cassette #1' fits Odyssey and similar 14mm hubs - 'Cassette #2' fits Primo Mix rear hub - 'Freecoaster' fits Federal and KHE style freecoasters - 'Profile Rear' fits Profile and Madera rear hub - 'Cinema VX2' fits Cinema VX2 rear hub - 'Antigram' fits Odyssey Antigram rear hub - 'Ratchet' fits GSport Ratchet rear hub
$26.99 $33.99 21% Off
he 1664 Pivotal Post is made from aluminum, features a nice laser etched logo and is 25.44mm
Replacement Animal Flush bolts and matching washers for Animal Akimbo Cranks.
The Odyssey K-Shield Linear cable features a pre-stretched inner Slic Kable covered in a linear casing to prevent binding and an outer K-Shield mesh housing for less weight over a standard steel mesh housing (2.9 oz). - Black - 60 – 65mm
Chrome-plated steel construction with a durable 3-pawl mechanism for engagement every 12 degrees and a stronger hold Compatible with 1/8" chains only An affordable and reliable option when replacing any old or worn-out freewheels. Standard ISO freewheel thread only / 1.375" x 24tpi
7075 aluminum and use a 17mm socket.
Flush mount chromoly crank bolts that are 3/8 inch x 24tpi, and are the stock bolts for the 1664 BMX Good Ol’ Cranks. Deez Bolts can also be used with many other crank spindles that use a 3/8 inch x 24tpi bolt (fairly common on 19mm 48 spline spindles) Cranks.
If you've lost or stripped the original bolt to your WeThePeople Scorpio or Patron frame, get this replacement seatpost clamp bolt and get back out there.
We have you covered with replacement Easy Slider Sleeves. The sleeves are transparent and feature a premium plastic, injection mold design. Open up the realm of grinding possibilities with the 1664 Easy Sliders. (Sold Individually)
Plastic replacement sleeve for the Butcher Pegs
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