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Animal Presidential Bars
Jared Washington signature. Multi Butted Chromoly 2 pc bars with post weld heat treatment. Width - 28.5" Rise - 8.5" Backsweep - 11 Upsweep - 2 Weight - 27.3 oz
Animal Sway Bars
The Sway bars are 13 butted heattreated 4130 chromoly. They are 27.5" wide, 7.9" high, with 2.5 of upsweep, 10.5 of backsweep and have a .75" crossbar. Weight - 25 oz
Fitbikeco McIntosh Pedal - Sealed Bearing
Designed with Shawn McIntosh to be comfortable under foot, durable for street and to grip while floating through the air. - Cold Forged Aluminum Body - Sealed bearings - Foot contour matching angled body - Multidirectional concave shape - Large open windowed 12 pin traction body - Protected recessed end cap - Axle accepts 17mm and 15mm box, and 6mm hex
La Casa Front Wheel - Double Wall
La Casa's wheels are built tough and come with all the features needed to stand up to your progressive riding. This front wheel has a heavy-duty double-wall rim for big hits, and it rolls on smooth sealed cartridge bearings. A 3/8-inch chromoly axle ensures durability for the park and trail. Forged anodized hub shells match the rim color, and there are clean laser etched logos for a little added bling. • Axle: 3/8" (10mm) • Hardware: Chromoly • Fully Sealed Cartridge Bearings: Hub Bearings: 6000 (x2) • La Casa Rim Strip • 20"x 36 hole Double Wall rims
Fitbikeco Benny 4 Piece Bar
Ben Lewis took his signature bar in a bit of a different direction with this 4-piece chromoly setup. 4Q bake heat treated, a larger centre box and large radius bends keep it strong. 8.85” rise, 28.5” back sweep and a classic 4 piece construction. Rise ("): 8.85 Width ("): 28.5 Backsweep (°): 10.5 Upsweep (°): 4 Crossbar Height ("): 6.375 Crossbar Width ("): 10.5 Weight (lb): 2.08
WeThePeople Pathfinder Sprocket
The Pathfinder Sprocket is much thicker than anything else WeThePeople had made before. Its 8mm-thick beef and unique 9 sided design integrates the sprocket mounting location into the spoke pattern, resulting in a super-clean looking sprocket with plenty of strength and longevity, even for the most savage rider out there.
Fitbikeco Clubman Bar
Tom Dugan’s signature bar. “They feel perfect and I’m most stoked on the stickers.” - Tom Dugan Rise ("): 8.25 Width ("): 28 Backsweep (°): 12 Upsweep (°): 1 Weight (lb): 2.0
Fitbikeco Inman Bars
Justin Inman signature bars! Big and strong! Rise ("): 8.375 Width ("): 29 Backsweep (°): 11 Upsweep (°): 1.5 Crossbar Height ("): 6 Crossbar Width ("): 11 Weight (lb): 2.06
Fitbikeco Inman OT Bars
8.5" rise version of the Justin Inman Signature Bars. Rise ("): 8.5 Width ("): 29 Backsweep (°): 11 Upsweep (°): 1.5 Crossbar Height ("): Crossbar Width ("): Weight (lb): 1.90
La Casa 8 Spline Crankset - 175mm
The La Casa Crank is perfect for repairs, upgrades and replacements on all complete bikes. La Casa offers a simple, reliable product that are cost effective options for the budget conscious consumer. - 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly Arms - 4140 Heat Treated Chromoly Spindle - Forged heads - Single pinch-bolt design - Easy to install - Laser Etched Logo on Arms and Spindle Length (mm): 175 Pinch Bolts: M6 x 1mm (x2)OLD VERSION, M7 x 1mm (x2)NEW VERSION Spindle: 19mm Chromo Spindle Bolts: M8 x 1mm (x2) Spindle Splines: 8 Sprocket Bolt: M10 x 1.5mm (x1) Weight (oz): 34.5
Odyssey Evo 2 Brakes
The Evo 2 brake is the industry leading U-brake because of its modular hardware features and affordable value. Install it as a rear brake or front brake straight out of the box. Comes with Odyssey’s convenient double lugged straddle cable, custom curved cable hanger and an array of hardware for adapting the brake to every possible set-up. Forged from aluminum for strength, and to avoid unnecessary upcharges from frivolous CNC machining. The Evo 2 is the natural progression of the original Evolver. It has seen constant refinement and new running changes to keep it as the standard in BMX braking. This design allows for a seemingly limitless amount of cable installation options, while remaining equally powerful as both a front OR rear wheel brake. New forge tooling was created that provides for a sleeker side profile. Arms are forged prior to machining for strength and durability. Contrary to the uneducated in metallurgy, a forged metal piece is of much higher strength than a piece machined from a block of material. FEATURES: - All of the cable set screws are now flat-tipped to prevent excess damage to the cable’s inner wire - Cable lugs are smaller and use a 10 mm hex head - Pre-lugged straddle cable is shorter - Front cable adapter is smaller and made of aluminum - Flush surfaces, with the lowest possible overall stack height - Front or rear wheel use - Redesigned brake pads - Two sets of springs (hard and soft for custom tension/modulation) - Spring tension indicators (easy set up) - Newly designed straddle hanger
Fitbikeco Dugan Bar
Fit rider Tom Dugan summed up the hottest trend in recent BMX history with this insightful statement: “I NEED BIGGER BARS!”… This is the answer to Tom’s plight. 8.45 inches of American made, heat treated 4130 straight gauge chromoly and colour matched to the TD350 frame. Rise (”): 8.45 Width (”): 28.5 Backsweep(°): 12 Upsweep(°): 1 Crossbar Height (”): 5.8 Crossbar Width (”): 9.2 Weight (lb): 2.0
WeThePeople Patrol Sprocket
Much like the rest of the Patrol range, the Patrol Sprocket is based on the classic racing sprockets of the past. Ours uses a high-quality CNC construction and offset teeth for a perfect chain line. This thing was designed to crank fast, so of course we had to offer a 33T version for the guys that really like mashing the pedals. Bolt one onto your bike today and see how fast you can go.
La Casa Front Wheel 18
La Casa Wheels are packed with features including smooth rolling sealed bearings, forged anodized hub shells with color matched rims, solid chromoly axles and clean laser etched logos. Deliver great value and quality to your customers with these sturdy, affordable and colorful wheels. Key Features: - Fully Sealed Cartridge Bearings - 10mm Chromoly Axle - La Casa Rim Strip - 18"x 36 hole Single Wall rims - Replacement hardware readily available Axle: 3/8" (10mm) Hardware: Chromoly Hub Shell Bearings: 6000 (x2) Weight (oz): N/A
Salt Geo Rotor
Material: 6061-T6 full cnc finish Colors: black, cyan, pink, polished Features: poly slip and ball bearing combination, low stack height Weight: 72g (2.54oz : 0.15lbs)
Radio Axis Sprocket
The Radio Axis sprocket is CNC machined out of the highest quality 6061-T6 alloy and is 6.35mm thick to ensure that it can hold up to some real abuse. Ridden by most of our team, this amazing sprocket comes in 25t or 28t and is available in our wild Sandblasted Purple fade finish. - Material: 6061-T6 alloy, full CNC machined - Borehole: fits on to a 24mm spindle, comes with adaptors to fit 19mm and 22mm cranks. - Thickness: 6.35mm - Sizes: 25t or 28t - Specials: strong 6.35mm thick full CNC alloy sprocket with x4 rotation holes, supplied with adaptors to fit any crank on the market - Weight: 25t: 90g (3.20oz)
Salt Rookie Front Wheel
Rim: salt AM single wall alloy rim, 36 hole version for 18“ / 20“ and 32 hole version for 16“, straight sidewalls Hub: salt ROOKIE low flange alloy hub, 36 hole version for 18“ / 20“ and 32 hole version for 16“, loose ball, 3/8“ axle Size: 16“ or 18“ Color: black Features: designed by salt (exclusive shape), pin joint Weight: 786g (1.73lb / 27.72oz) (16“), 887g (1.95lb /31.28oz) (18“), 965 g (2.12 lb?/ 34.03 oz) (20“)
WeThePeople Socket Pivotal Post
$59.99 - $64.99
WeThePeople's Socket Pivotal seat post is made from 6061 aluminum for a perfect blend of strength and weight savings. It works with all Pivotal seats and comes in the perfect color and size to match your bike. Plus, there's a 17mm socket head built into the bottom of the post for park-side adjustments to your wheels.
Nitrous Throttle Bar 9.0
The Nitrous Throttle features extra thick grip tubing and is 100% Chromoly. Rise ("): 9.0" Width ("): 30.0" Backsweep (°): 12° Upsweep (°): 1° Crossbar Height ("): Crossbar Width ("): Weight (oz): 56.5 oz
Nitrous OG Bars 8
The new Nitrous bars ride just like Eastern's more expensive bars, at a fraction of the cost. Now you can save your money for some new fronts. - 100% chromoly Rise ("): 8 Width ("): 28.25 Backsweep (°): 12 Upsweep (°): 2 Crossbar Height ("): 5.375 Crossbar Width ("): 9.5 Weight (lb): 1.9
WeThePeople Compact Headset With Spacers
$54.99 - $59.99
WeThePeople's Compact Headset gives you super-smooth steering and the ability to get those barspins and tailwhips dialed. Specs: top cap/ first spacer designed as one with 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm alloy spacers Special: includes all necessary hardware (washers, bearings, and spacers) Weight: 104g (3.7oz)
WeThePeople Feelin' Tire
WeThePeople's Feelin tire has a slick-tread design with a durable, grippy rubber compound, making it an awesome choice for the street and park.
WeThePeople Grippin 20 x 2.25-inch Tire
WeThePeople's Grippin tire is an excellent all-around tire. With a semi-tread design and a durable, grippy rubber compound, this tire can rail dirt berms and vert ramps alike.
KMC 710 1/8
This is the toughest 1/2" x 1/8" chain out there, but RASTA coloured!
La Casa American Sealed BB - 19mm
The La Casa American Bottom Bracket is compatible with any 19mm spindle: 1664, Profile, Demolition, Macneil, etc.
Animal Integrated Headset
Campy spec integrated headset with sealed cartridge bearings, aluminum upper cover with internal O-ring for a tight fit and laser etched Animal logos for a clean look. Includes 5mm and 7mm headset spacers. Weight - 2.4 oz
Eclat Dual Headset
$42.99 - $48.99
The éclat Dual headset offers a new take on the integrated headset system. Due to the inclusion of two exclusive top caps and additional spacers, the Dual headset offers a variety of stack heights (from 7-20mm), so you can run your bars low or high, depending on your preference. Constructed of 7075-T6 CNC machined and sealed bearings, the Dual headset is so light (79 grams) and it’s available in a wide range of colors for 2013, including black, blue and high polished. Material: 7075-T6 alloy cnc machined, high-end sealed bearings 2013 Colours black, blue, high polished Features: supplied with two exclusive top caps (low or high design) & two 3mm spacers, variable stack heights between 7-20mm possible Weight: 79g (2.78oz : 0.17lbs) (includes everything)
Eclat Slash Alloy Pedals
Our riders asked for a low profile, micro style alloy pedal using the loose ball bearing system and integrating a replaceable crmo spindle, we scratched our heads and shortly after delivered the Slash Alloy Pedal. It’s somewhere close to perfect in size, features a lightweight design and comes with replaceable pins. It’s basically a faultless pedal. Material: cast alloy body, crmo spindle Bearings: loose ball Colors: black, blue, white, high polished Features: replacable pins / slim lightweight design Weight: 423g (14.92oz : 0.93lbs) (per pair)
WeThePeople Team Pivotal Seatpost
WeThePeople's Team Pivotal seatpost is made from 6061 aluminum for a perfect blend of strength and weight savings. It works with all Pivotal seats and it's 200mm long for plenty of adjustability.
Odyssey M2 Monolever
The M2 lever works with a single cable or Odyssey’s patented dual cable system. The M2 cable system improves braking power for GYRO users. - Right hand only (works flipped on the left) - M2 specific upper cable and single cable coupler included.