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Fitbikeco BF Stem - 48mm
Brian Foster's signature topload stem is a CNC machined stem made in the USA from 6061 aluminum. Grooves on the top and bottom sections reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Cutouts on the face plate, a machined Fit logo and a rounded backside make this a very clean looking stem. Reach (mm): 48 Stack Height (mm): Rise (Upright / Invert) (mm): 23/9 Clamp bolts: 8 x 1.25mm Pinch Bolts: 8 x 1.25mm Weight (g): 280
Fitbikeco Benny L Signature Front Load Stem 46mm
"I love the look of a front load stem, no external cut outs, just simple and smooth! The short reach makes my front end feel more responsive and the slightly dipped front lets me run bigger bars without them being too high." - Benny L - Cold Forged T6 Aluminum - Hollow body and top cap - Grade 8 Allen head hardware Reach (mm): 46 Stack Height (mm): Rise (Upright / Invert) (mm): 5/26.5 Clamp bolts: Pinch Bolts: Weight (g): 276.4
Fitbikeco Down Low Regular Stem
A.K.A. DLR Stem. Made in the USA from 6061 aluminum with large cut-outs to keep weight down. Reach (mm): 51 Stack Height (mm): 31.9 Rise (Upright / Invert) (mm): 8.5 Clamp bolts: 8 x 1.25mm (x4) Pinch Bolts: 8 x 1.25mm (x2) Weight (g): 295
Fitbikeco High-Top Stem
The High-Top is named such not because of Fit’s high standards or its top quality product, but because it is the highest rise stem that they’ve ever produced. At 36mm rise, this stem will get you higher than anything else out there!
Fitbikeco S4 Aitken Stem
A classic topload design exactly the way Mike Aitken wanted his signature stem. Made with pride in the USA. 6061-T6 Aluminum Reach (mm): 53 Stack Height (mm): 28.5 Rise (Upright / Invert) (mm): 24 / 6 Clamp bolts: 8 x 1.25mm Pinch Bolts: 8 x 1.25mm Weight (g): 326
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