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Scooters and Accessories

Lucky Evo Pro Scooter
Introducing the 2018 EVO™ - The EVO-lution continues in 2017 After gathering feedback from top riders and industry experts, we’ve increased foot space by upping the deck width to 5”, length to 21.75”, and tied it up with some new Lucky PROBARS. Lightweight, yet durable 3D forged headtube and flat sides make it easier than ever to whip and kick your ride about. The EVO features an above average wheel diameter of 120mm so it's ready to rip at the big handrail you've had your eyes set on. We decided to finish everything in style, so with a call to Northwest local artist Shogo Ota, we developed some unique graphics that flow with the EVO. We believe that this is hands down, the best out of the box complete in the freestyle scooter market.
Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter
Introducing the 2018 COVENANT™ – The lightweight, do-it-all scooter for riders who want to go big! Built to take some serious abuse on all terrains, the COVENANT features 110mm Lunar™ wheels, newly designed SILO™ bars, and a 120mm compatible INDY fork. We decided to finish everything in style, so with a call to Northwest local artist Shogo Ota, we developed some unique graphics that pop for the COVENANT. Hit the park or the streets; the world is your stomping ground with the COVENANT!
5Starr Rebel V2 Dirt Scooter Black/Blue
Specifications: -Color: Black powder coated -Deck: 5" X 23.75" -7 series-T5 cnc machined extruded aluminum -7 series-T5 scs clamp -4130 chromoly threadless fork -Integrated headset -4130 chromoly 20" X 22" 5Starr Vortex bars (standard size, not oversized bars) -High quality steel flex brake -7 series-T5 cnc machined wheel core -Highest quality 4-ply tires with a maximum of 80psi -Weight: 12.25 lbs
Chilli Scooters Rider's Choice  Sub Zero Pro Scooter
5" wide integrated deck 110mm w Abec9 bearings (This model fits 100mm oe 110mm wheels only) Aluminum SCS bars SCS compression system Spider compresion forks
Chilli Scooters Rider's Choice Zero Pro Scooter
• Deck 7005 aluminium ( 5''W x 20.5''L ) • T-bar aluminium oversized ( 26.5"H x 23.5"W ) • New fork 1-pcs CNC forged aluminium • 3-bolts clamp oversized aluminium • 120 mm spoke wheels • Flex brake • SCS compression system • 7.8lbs weight
Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter
$299.99 - $319.99
Introducing the 2018 PROSPECT™ - All the quality you love, at a price you can afford! Held to our highest standards, the PROSPECT features 110mm Lunar™ HollowCore wheels, New 7Bar™, Helux Fork, TCS compression, New DUBL™ Clamp, and a deck fit for any rider!­ We decided to finish everything in style, so with a call to Northwest local artist Shogo Ota, we developed some out of this world graphics for the PROSPECT. Go big and become a Lucky PROSPECT!
Havoc Descendant JWS
The best complete scooter available for the price. Personally designed by Havoc Pro Rider Jai Walker. Deck: 4.5" Wide 20.5" Long 120mm Full core wheels will hold 120mm wheels Bars: 23" Wide 25" Tall HIC Compression
North Completes Tomahawk Blamo
NORTH SCOOTERS TOMAHAWK BLAMO COMPLETE IN SCOOTERS COMPLETE - COMPLETE SCOOTERS Deck Width: 4.5" Deck Length: 20.5" Buck Knife Fork 22" x 23" Bars 7000 grade Aluminum Bar Feather Lite Headset Hammer SCS Clamp 110mm 88A Wagon Wheels Regatta Grips with Bar Ends
Chilli Scooters The Machine Pro Scooter
Innovation - Technology - experience, this is the definition of the new fully complete Scooter that has earned its name `THE MACHINE`. This picture of perfection HIC Park Scooter has been developed and paired with the proven Martin Nogol `The Machine` deck. The scooter comes with new dynamic curved T-Bars that enables total sure handed control during bar tricks of all types. Added to the mix are the newly developed Rocket Pegs, a new clamp and 120mm wheels giving this scooter package the final finish. You can see that the MACHINE SCOOTER is a must have for anyone taking their Scootering seriously. [embed][/embed]Chilli Pro Scooter „Machine“ complete Deck 6061 aluminium length: 20.5 inches wide: 4.5 inches t-bar 4130 chromoly steelchilli flame outcut at the top) height: 60cm wide: 58cm fork: NEW 1- pc diamond hic clamp: New 3-bolt cnc hic wheels: 120mm wheels aluminium rim Durometer 95 bearings: abec 9 brake: new flex brake topmounted compressions system: hic weight: 9.25 lbs with pegs
Belize Toucan 20
The large diameter 20" stainless spoke wheel scooter comes with alloy rims and provides great stability for higher speeds. It is light-weight and with a low board height similar to "Side-walker" and "Kick-bike". It is suitable for adults and big kids. One of the best dog scooters available. Now with powerful alloy front and rear V-brakes and a stand.
Chilli Scooters Reaper Pro Scooter
$239.99 - $249.99
-Deck 6061 aluminium (19.75 x 4.5 inches) -T- bar 4130 CrMo steel (23 x 23 inches) -Fork 1-pc slim cut forged 7003 aluminium spider hic -3-bolts clamp 6061 aluminum hic -110 mm spoke wheels aluminum, abec 9 bearings, 90A -New flex brake top mounted -Spider HIC system -Black grip tape -8.5 lbs
Chilli Scooters COMPLETE - Reaper Reloaded
The Reaper Reloaded is the latest creation of the Chilli Pro Team, a perfect all round street star for beginners and also suitable for pros. The Reaper Reloaded is characterized by a very accurate Street setup, a very friendly deck geometry and the XXL T-bar. Equipped with our own Chilli Spider HIC it makes every stunt performance easy from the outset! The Reaper Reloaded is of course 100% compatible with all the upgrades; a standard feature of all Chilli Pro Scooters.
Lucky Crew Pro Scooter
$219.99 - $239.99
Introducing the 2018 CREW™ - Learn your first tricks and become part of the CREW! The 2018 CREW is the most affordable scooter we offer and features all new Chromoly Kink Bar and New 110mm wheels suited for freestyle riding! Fully upgradable, the CREW is compatible with Lucky’s entire aftermarket lineup. With abundant options, this scooter is perfect to grow with any young riders size and abilities.
Havoc Storm Pro Scooter
$199.99 - $229.99
The new 2017 Havoc Storm is better then every!! Fully intergraded Head tube, fully sealed bearings, forged steel fork, new flex brake design, 110mm wheels BUT WILL HOLD UPTO 120MM WHEELS.
Chilli Scooters Snow Blades
Carbon steel Front blade: 38,2 x 12,5 cm, 14,2 cm high Back blade: 38,2 x 12,5 cm, 11,2 cm high Includes: Set of 2 blades Front and back blade weight: 2,6kgThe new Chilli Snowblades were developed together with FUNTEC and are made of high-quality carbon steel to withstand those big jumps and smooth grinds. Our unique patented concave design allows you greater control over your scooter even at high speeds and without loss of grip when carving. These snowblades make an exceptional snow-scooter out of your ordinary street-scooter and are quick and easy to attached to any scooter. Note: These are just the blades. Scooter not included.
Chilli Scooters Beast Deck
All Chilli Pro decks are manufactured from high-quality 7005 alloy T6. We have top quality workmanship to guarantee the necessary stability of the Chilli Pro decks.The Chilli Pro decks are shipped with grip tape, brake, axle bolt and spacer. Street deck BEAST 7005 aluminium T6 length: 20.75 inches width: 4.5 inches weight: 3.5 lbs extruded bridge headtube: 4.5 lbs including: griptape OS60, flex brake, axle and spacer
North HQ 87A 110MM WHEEL
$64.99 - $79.99
- 110mm Wheels - 87A Duro - 7005 Aluminum Alloy Core - ABEC 9 Bearings
- 110mm Wheels - 85A Duro - 7005 Aluminum Alloy Core - ABEC 9 Bearings
North CLAMP 2 Face Silver
Never scooter alone again with the 2 Face SCS 4 Bolt Clamp from North Scooters. It features: -7000 series Aluminium -34.9 mm diameter -Standard Compression System with 4 bolts -Enforced hard steel bolts
North CLAMP Hammer SCS 4 Bolt
NORTH SCOOTERS HAMMER SCS 4 BOLT CLAMP IN SCOOTERS CLAMPS - CLAMPS This bright colorful clamp is an awesome way to jazz up current set up. With its incredible detail and fun colours you will be the envy of all riders out there. Fits Standared or oversized bars (comes witha shim) SCS Compression
Chilli Scooters Spoke Wheel (120mm)
Chilli Pro Scooter wheel 120 mm 6-spoke 120mm. Abec 9 bearings. 90A. Price is for a pair (2) CNC machined. (Remember to replace your brake for a 120mm Chilli brake)
Chilli Scooters Hollow Core Wheel (110mm)
The CNC hollow core gives the hand-made “Chilli” Wheel the special spicy touch. The 110mm wheel is equipped with two ABEC 9 bearings and a spacer. The high rebound from the Wheel will inspire you … High rebound urethane Abec 9 bearings Hollow core 85A CNC 2 piece hub Price is for a pair (2)
Chilli Scooters Turbo Wheel (110mm)
The forged core gives the hand-made “Chilli” Wheel the special spicy touch. The 110mm wheel is equipped with two ABEC 9 bearings and a spacer. The high rebound from the Wheel will inspire you … CNC 110mm wheel Durometer is 90A Abec 9 bearings Price is for a pair (1)
Havoc 120MM WHEEL
$37.99 - $39.99
All Havoc wheels come with Havoc bearings and are 85 to 88 hardness, which makes for a fast and smooth ride
North Shorties Pegs
$34.99 - $39.99
NORTH SCOOTERS SHORTIES PEGS IN SCOOTER PEGS - PEGS 36mm Pegs -2 70mm Axle 80mm Axle 100mm Axle Matching peg colour wheel spacers included
Lucky Lugz Peg Set
$34.99 - $35.99
Lucky LUGZ Scooter Pegs are a great addition to any Pro Scooter. This design allows pegs to fit on both sides of the scooter. The pegs are made from Aircraft Grade aluminum, sold as a set and come with three hardened axle bolts (2 3/4", 3", and 4" with spacers). They are available in the following colors: Black, Polished, Blue, Gold and Neo Chrome. Lucky Lugs will fit all of our complete scooters or they can be added to your custom builder. The Lugs will also fit many other pro scooters, please feel free to contact us if you are having trouble installing them
Havoc 100MM WHEEL
All Havoc wheels come with Havoc bearings and are 85 to 88 hardness, which makes for a fast and smooth ride
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