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Rooftop Coffee Roasters Fresh Tracks, Steeped Packs
Whether you’re camping, travelling, tree planting, hiking, biking, sailing, or just on the move, you can’t always lug your brewing equipment around. With these Rooftop x Steeped Coffee packs, all you need is a mug and hot water, and you’re ready to go. Freshly ground and nitro sealed, you don’t have to compromise flavour for easy brewing. The packaging is also entirely compostable, without using any glue or staples, so you don’t even have to worry about them ending up in a landfill. A coffee that’s as easy as brewing tea - no equipment, no worries. Each bag brews an 8oz cup of drip/french press-like coffee. This run of Steeped Packs features our Fresh Tracks blend. Rich, chocolatey and balanced, this one is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!
Rooftop Coffee Roasters Grandmaman Nichole's Fruit Cake- Holiday Blend 340g
Tasting Notes Fruit Cake Gingerbread Candied Fruit Description This is the first year I decided to create a holiday blend, and it kind of came about on a whim. To me, this time of year is synonymous with my Grandmaman Nichole’s baking and cooking. For my entire life, in perfect French Canadian fashion, the holidays brought cookies, canelés, pies, tourtières, Bûche de Noël (yule log cake), copious amounts of cheese, and of course - fruit cake. Needless to say, this year our holiday celebrations are going to be a bit more unusual, with families having to remain apart. BUT, that didn’t stop Nichole from sending us a slice of tradition. So, she made two beautiful, Brandy-soaked fruit cakes from scratch and shipped them off to us, all the way from Québec.
Rooftop Coffee Roasters Mexico La Cañada 340g
Elexochitlan de Flores Magón, Oaxaca Tasting Notes: Chocolate Mousse, Nougat, Plum Processing: Washed Certifications: 2020 Harvest Varieties: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Typica, Criollo Altitude: 1200-1500m Description: This coffee comes to us from the Union de Productores Las Flores, based in Elexochitlan de Flores Magón in Oaxaca. The region of Oaxaca is one of the most biodiverse in Mexico, running from the Pacific up to the high mountains. Due to the rugged terrain and geographic isolation, much of the indigenous people in Oaxaca maintained their culture and language, withstanding the devastating effects of Spanish colonization. This varied geography and biodiversity combined with the traditional indigenous knowledge in the region have created an outstanding food culture in Oaxaca. The La Cañada region in Oaxaca has the ideal humidity and growing conditions for producing outstanding specialty coffee. We roasted this coffee to highlight the milk chocolatey, creamy body that reminded us of chocolate mousse, while preserving the subtle acidity of plum and tangerine. By drawing out the roast a bit longer but keeping the temperature lower, we were able to strike a balance between the creamy nougat sweetness and the fruity notes. Overall, we find this coffee to be comfortable and familiar, suitable for any brew method.
Rooftop Coffee Roasters Nicaragua, La Bendicion 340g
Tasting Notes: Spiced Oranges Honey Nutmeg Variety: Pacamara Farm: Finca La Bendicion Farmer: Luis Alberto Balladarez Region: Nueva Segovia Processing: Honey Altitude: 1300m Description: Finca La Bendición (Spanish for “The Blessing”) is Luis Alberto’s cornucopia of coffee treasures. The farm is divided into 8 parcels, and each are planted with a unique or rare coffee variety. This lot is made up entirely of the Pacamara cherry. This varietal was developed at the Salvadoran Institute of Coffee Research by crossing Pacas with Maragogipe (hence, Pacamara). Pacas is a natural variation of the Bourbon variety and provides good cup quality and good yields, while Maragogipe is a natural mutation of the Typica variety which produces comically large “elephant” beans and provides exceptional cup quality, but at low yields. Pacamara is known for having expressive acidity with a complex flavour profile encompassing everything from a honeyed body, to floral aromas, to notes of citrus and stonefruit.
Rooftop Coffee Roasters Nicaragua, Tania Ferrufino 225g
Tasting Notes: Waffles Syrup Strawberries Farm: Finca Aurora Processing: ”Anaerobic” Washed (60-hour fermentation in low oxygen tanks) Municipality: La Fundadora, Jinotega Variety: Marsellesa Altitude: 1150-1350m Description: Fermentation, it’s a wonderful thing. While we usually think of kimchi or kombucha, fermentation can also be a valuable tool in coffee processing. This “anaerobic” lot from Tania Ferrufino’s farm is a perfect example. Right after harvest, the cherries were pulped) and then closed into airtight tanks for 60 hours. This oxygen-deprived environment creates completely different conditions, allowing for longer fermentations and for different types of microbes to play a role. The result is a more complex flavour profile and intense aroma, compared to traditional processes. We roasted this one to highlight the rich, syrupy sweetness and the delicious toasty waffle undertone, while preserving the berry acidity.
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