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A coffee for morning, noon and night. This medium roast is rich, balanced, and incredibly smooth. The coffee components rotate seasonally, but it's always the same easy-drinking coffee with a creamy body and a toffee-like sweetness. Dependability on repeat ?? Super smooth and easy-drinking, this coffee is a reliable everyday sipper with attention to balance, comforting dried fruit aromatics, a creamy texture and smooth flavours of toffee and fig. Bottleneck is all about celebrating seasonality in coffee to maintain a consistent flavour profile year-round. Balancing different seasonal coffee components is about selecting coffees from different farms or co-ops combined to complement and enhance each other. We always try to land on the blend version that will be interesting and complex but also approachable and familiar enough to be shared with anyone. Fun fact about Bottleneck: The name was inspired by the heroic rescue of a baby raccoon behind our Dundas cafe (reach out if you want the full story).
Named after the iconic arched entry to the Umbrian town of Perugia, Arco Etrusco is the darkest of Umbria's blends. Natural sugars found in the coffees caramelize when roasted to this depth, imparting a cane sugar sweetness and aroma. Created as a drip coffee this blend boasts a fudge-like body, low acidity, a persistent roasty aftertaste and characteristics of a sweet stout. Characteristics: Sweet, Fudge, Cane Sugar, Smokey Primary Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico
This blend was crafted to pair uniquely with the sweet characteristics of milk and cream. A resonant body and deep fruity acidity helps this coffee stay structured when sipped “con latte”. Taste molasses, pecan and hints of banana in this Golden Bean North America medal-winning coffee. We love this blend for its versatility so brew in the style of your preference. Characteristics: Harmonious, Molasses, Pecan, Banana Primary Origins: Peru, El Salvador, Uganda
Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri created this blend to honor his home town of Perugia, Italy, where “Il Grifo”, the griffin, is the iconic symbol. Following an Italian blending tradition, seven origins meld to create this complex and intense coffee. Intricacies are revealed with different brew methods. Discover hints of dried mango, currant, lychee, tea rose, and anise in a juicy body. Characteristics: Complex, Anise, Currant, Tea Rose Primary Origins: Central America, South America, Africa
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Un espresso perfetto. Defined by a creamy body and delightful sweetness that lasts through the finish. Find milk chocolate and dried fig notes in this rounded and subtly complex coffee. This blend typifies the style of coffee roasted for generations by the Bizzarri family and is the featured espresso at Caffè Umbria cafés. Brewed drip-style it smooths to a rich and refined cup. Characteristics: Creamy, Milk Chocolate, Cream, Dried Fig Primary Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala
BLEND NOTES: A limited edition espresso blend created for the contemporary coffee enthusiast. Made primarily of washed Ethiopian and South American coffees, this blend is roasted light to complement notes of apricot, brown sugar, vanilla and huckleberry. Characteristics: Bright & Fruity | Hint of Earth | Honey | Vanilla | Apricot | Red Huckleberry Primary Origins: Brazil | Colombia | Peru | Ethiopia Roast: Light
In Italian, mezzanotte means “midnight”.This creamy-bodied decaffeinated coffee possesses low acidity, notes of milk chocolate and nut with hints of black tea. We savor this coffee “con il dolce”, steeped in a french press then paired with complementary flavors of chocolate or hazelnut. Characteristics: Smooth, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Black Tea Primary Origins: Colombia, Costa Rica
This Washed processed coffee is sweet and comfortable with notes that remind us of: Apricot | Chocolate | Caramel | Almond | Pear Origin: Panama Farm: Los Naranjos and Cerro Horqueta Harvest: 2023 Producers: Creativa Coffee District Variety: Catuai Elevation: 1250-1750 MASL Process: WASHED Size: 340g / 1KG and 2.5 KG whole bean Great for both filter and espresso Creativa Coffee District or CCD is a forward-looking Specialty Coffee Processor in the Chiriquí province in Boquete, Panama. By transforming a traditional wet mill and drying patio into a modern state-of-the-art processing facility, CCD integrates art and specialty coffee in a unique and authentic space where artists are promoted and celebrated to inspire industry participants around the globe to support and demand new coffee production standards that guarantee higher incomes for growers and sustainable ecological practices for processing stations worldwide. This Lot 2 Boquete Community washed project is part of a joint project between CDD, Rogue Wave Coffee. The project's goal is to bring you high quality, comfortable, and affordable Panamaniam coffee. This is only possible due to the hard work of 2 farms, Los Naranjos and Cerro Horqueta, both farms are around 8 hectares locate ranging from 1250-1750 MASL. After the ipe cherries go through the washing and drying process, beans are carefully sorted by expert local indigenous women. Photos: We visited CCD in Panama in Mach of 2023. The day that we visited was also the day that their team was sorting our coffee as well.
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