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Wax and Accessories

Rode Canada Kick Kit
Cut straight to the chase and get Rode's most popular kick waxes in a handy-dandy zippered bag. Has all the hardwaxes you need for most snow conditions and comes with a synthetic cork and scraper. The perfect setup for a day on the trails. FEATURES Zippered bag for transport on the trails Comes with 45g tins of Multigrade, Violet, Blue Super and Green Synthetic cork also included A kick scraper in case your skis ice or you need to switch waxes
Rode Green Special Hardwax P15 | 45g (-10C/-30C)
Top notch hardwax for the coldest temperatures. Extremely popular in northern climates. One stick lasts you a long time even if you use it day after day when a high-pressure system is squatting over your area.
Rode Hard Nylon Handbrush
A brush for cleaning structure and polishing.
Rode Rossa Hardwax P50 (0C-3C) 45g
A classic recipe proven time and again. The go-to sticky hardwax for warm snow conditions. Nicknamed cherry cake!
Rode Rot Extra Hardwax P52 | 45g (2C/0C)
Sometimes the Rossa has too much bite. Is there a time when you need less bite and extra rot? Sounds weird, but yes, that's what you need sometimes!
Rode Viola Extra Hardwax P42 | 45g (1C/-3C)
The more "Extra" version of the insanely popular P40 Viola. Don't catch the kids saying "it's soooo extra" because that's a dumb way to talk. The "extra" in this wax is for a little extra sticky. You'll want to apply it at room temperature if you can.
Rode Yellow Hardwax P60 | 45g (4C/1C)
This is the wax to use when zeros or rub skis are close but not quite working. A good wax to use before switching to full-on klister.
Kuu Pocket Thermometer
Pocket thermometer with protector
Fischer Twin Skin (Mohair Mix)
$64.99 - $84.99
Replacement skins for Fischer nordic skis. TWIN SKIN MOHAIR MIX with integrated climbing Twin Skin set. Material - Mohair blend. Mohair mix provides smooth and balanced gliding without grip wax. Teflon coating prevents ice build up. 410mm fits ski lengths of 182, 187 and 192cm. 450mm fits ski lengths of 197, 202 and 207cm.
Canadian Winter Sports ProForm-AL1 Wax Bench Station
100% manufactured and assembled in Canada! Fully adjustable binding clip and profile wings are compatible with all Nordic racing skis and binding systems. There is simply no comparison to another profile when working on race skis. Extremely solid and flat hold on the ski with no obstructions is especially good for rilling work and hard hand brushing. Every ski fits as the wings are fully adjustable from a jr. ski all the way up to the longest adult skis. The very sturdy base is fully foldable and legs lock down into place for easy travelling. The Profile portion is all Aluminium and very light. It can be used on it’s own and has mounting holes to fit to any table, bench, or wax truck. It too, can easily break down further and become very compact and light for travel. Profile (excluding base) weighs only 2500g. FEATURES: - Assembled in Canada so you get a high-quality table at a price that doesn't include shipping from China or Europe! - Excellent as a portable waxing station: Form and legs are detachable via bolts. The full kit fits in a medium-sized ski bag. - The form alone can be bolted or clamped to any table (clamps not included but are easy to pick up at your local hardware store) - Legs collapses kaleidoscopically and then fold in for transport. - Solid North American grade construction holds up to vigorous waxing procedures. - The form's length is adjustable via a knob and track system. - Adjustable to fit any ski length. - Foam bumpers on the form are gentle and grippy so your skis don't slide off or get damaged.
Atomic Nordic Economy Skifix
Keep the edges protected and the skis secure with the Atomic Economy Skifix.
Atomic Nordic Redster Skifix (Large)
Keep the edges protected and the skis secure with the Atomic Redster Skifix
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