Assos SS.mangussta_s7 Short Sleeve Jersey - 2014

Assos SS.mangussta_s7 Short Sleeve Jersey
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This short sleeved jersey from Assos features a fit designed not to be either too tight or too loose, ideal for athletes or larger body types. The fabric used is designed to react to your body, slowing down the evaporation process when you cool down fast.

What is it?
The NEW ASSOS jersey designs. Technically, the SS.mangussta and SS.corporate are based on the same platform used for the Swiss Federation jersey.

How to use it?
Always use in combination with an ASSOS skinFoil bodyInsulator as your first, next-to-skin layer. This allows your ASSOS jersey to perform perfectly.

Campionissimo AEPD
The mangussta jersey features a brand new ASSOS pattern design. From a fit point of view, it is situated between SS.Uno and SS.Mille. So, not too snug and not too loose. A perfect compromise to better fit both the athlete and larger body types. We call it performanceFit.

The Key Fabric
The main fabric used on these new jerseys is the brand new ASSOS Textile Lab development – Type 151 (the same as that being used in the new Mille jersey). Less volume and increased, faster-reacting body climaregulation.
When you perspire a lot, it reacts by speeding up moisture transfer. When you cool down fast, it slows the evaporation process, using your body’s moisture to retain warmth. UV protection: Yes, 50+