Assos T.campionissimo_s7 Bib Short - 2014

Assos T.campionissimo_s7 Bib Short
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The Assos concept shorts, which you can now own. They are unique in that they do not use traditional spandex fabrics. Instead utilizing a completely different technology from the industry standard.

T.campionissimo versus traditional shorts is a bit like a supersonic jet versus a steampowered locomotive.
T.campionissimo advantages: superlight, super aerodynamic, superfast, plus clickfit and ergokompressor fabric.

Get ready to experience a completely new sensation. It starts when you begin putting them on. Be gentle! Pull your T.campionissimo shorts up section by section.
Go slowly.
You may feel like they will never fit you, but keep going. Place them properly on your legs and buttocks. Now bend over and pull the Y frame carrier (the bibs) over your shoulders. Now stand up. Close your eyes and feel them. Feel how they grab your body without hurting you. Next, get on the bike. It will feel like there's an invisible hand gently pushing you forward. This is the special feeling of T.campionissimo, featuring the specially developed ASSOS-specific textile, Type A.444 ergoKompressor - it's phenomenal!

When to use
Every day is not a Campionissimo day. To get the most out of T.campionissimo, wear them when you are in your best form. Save them for the day when you need every advantage, when you can't afford to compromise. Or, if you're the type of rider who never, ever compromises on performance and pushes every ride to the limit, these are the shorts for you!