Belize Tri-Rider 14 Special Needs Tricycle

Belize Tri-Rider 14 Special Needs Tricycle
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Designed from the ground up with special needs in mind, the Tri-Rider 14 trike is the perfect companion for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy (CP), a related disability or handicap. Riding this bike promotes growth and learning through a healthy, fun and safe experience. It is a great choice for building up your child's self confidence, independence and mobility. The Tri-Rider 14 special needs tricycle is designed to grow with your child - adjustable seat height and position will maintain a comfortable seating position through the years.

• Weighted pedals with strap.
• Adjustable safety handlebar and stem.
• Support seat with belt.
• Adjustable back support, wide and narrow, high and low, front and back.
• Rear basket.
• Fixed drive.
• Push bar.
• Parking brake to aid mounting and dismounting of bike.
• Tricycle Weight: 24kg, 52lbs
• Weight limit : 50 kg, 110 lbs
• Color: Red with yellow fenders

• Wheels: 14"
• Inseam: 15”-19”;
• Step-over: 12"
• Length: 47”
• Width: 24” .