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Belize Tri-Rider Margay Special Needs Tricycle

Belize Tri-Rider Margay Special Needs Tricycle
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Designed from the ground up with special needs in mind, the Margay is the perfect companion for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy (CP) or a related disability. Riding this bike promotes growth and learning through a healthy, fun and safe experience. It is a great choice for building up your child's self confidence, independence and mobility.
Margay has been tried and loved by hundreds of kids and approved by many therapists over the past few years. It is designed to grow with your child - adjustable seat height and position will maintain a comfortable sitting position through the years.


• Fixed drive
• Fenders & basket
• Front parking brake
• Foam covered adjustable handlebar
• Rear steering assist with brake & parking lock
• Platform weighted pedals with heel & toe straps
• Large comfortable saddle with seat belt, side supports, back-rest and adjustable head-rest

• Width 27"
• Length 68"
• Weight 75 pounds
• Wheels 16" front, 20" rear
• Adjustability 19"-28" inseam