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Blivet LOKI 5 BOTTLE COVER (for XXS to SM frames)

Blivet LOKI 5 BOTTLE COVER (for XXS to SM frames)
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Blivet Sports' LOKI 5 neoprene water bottle cover set prevents water from turning into ice. You will be able to drink water at all times.

Specially designed with a rigid internal skeleton, the top part remains remarkably stable and will not lift off when pulling the zipper to easily pull the bottle out.

To extract the bottle from the LOKI 5, simply do a slight lateral movement directed along the crank side of your bike. Although compatible with all sizes of bikes, the LOKI 5 has been designed more specifically for smaller frame sizes, XXS to SM.

If your bike is a MED to XXL frame size, the LOKI 7 would be an excellent choice.


-Neoprene bottle cover
-Resine bottle cage
-550ml bottle (20 oz.)
-2 units of 20mm screws

Part Numbers

BLI-WBT-BLK-2 BLI27411008K