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Brooks Saddle Cover

Brooks Saddle Cover
This item is currently not available.


Brooks Waterproof Saddle Covers are a must have item for anyone lucky enough to own a Brooks. Leather saddles are not waterproof so can soak up water. If a wet saddle is ridden not only the colour may stain your clothing, but the leather top may easily deform.

We recommend keeping them covered in wet conditions or if the bicycle is stored outside - using a Brooks Waterproof Saddle Cover will protect your saddle in even the harshest of showers.

-Buy Large for B18, B33, B66, B67, B68, B72, B135 and B190 Saddles
-Buy Medium for B15 Swallow, Swift, Colt, B17 Narrow, B17, Team Pro, Flyer and Conquest Saddles
-Made from tough Nylon with drawstring closure.

PLEASE NOTE: Actual cover may vary from that in the pictures as there are 3 designs under the same manufacturers code.