Fulcrum Red Wind XLR 80mm. Dark Label

Fulcrum Red Wind XLR 80mm. Dark Label
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The most popular wheel depth among triathletes.
With your head down, grip the handlebars in the aerodynamic position and push on the pedals. The impressive 80mm rim pushes you faster towards the finish line.
But what is really impressive about the “XLR 80” is their responsiveness and smoothness you can feel immediately.
And today Fulcrum® allows you to configure your Red Wind XLR 80 according to your preferences. Discover them.
Available in the Dark Label and Bright Label version.
Red Wind XLR 80 mm. Dark Label with Shimano Inc. FW body is compatible with 10 and 11 speed sprockets.

The Red Wind XLR 80 mm. Dark Label wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Fulcrum® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Fulcrum® wheels.


Weight (Front/Rear) 1770g

* Subject to change without notice.