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Garneau Black Everest Snowshoes

Garneau Black Everest Snowshoes
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Designed for backcountry hiking, the Black Everest is a high-performance snowshoe perfect for steep ascents and access to summits. The light and sturdy deck has a sharp front edge that provides great snow shedding, and high carbon steel crampons ensure maximum traction on any terrain and condition. The Contact harness with BOA mechanism offers an easy to adjust custom fit for 360-degree retention. The free foot rotation on axle ensures an efficient stride and the heel raiser reduces calf fatigue while climbing.

ModelSnowshoe Weight (LB/KG)User Weight (LB/KG)
8224.19 LB / 1.9 KG60 - 200 LB / 27 - 91 KG
8274.63 LB / 2.1 KG125 - 200 LB / 57 - 91 KG


  • Polymer molded deck:  Light, sturdy, and resistant at up to -40°C
  • V-RAIL crampons:  Maximum traction uphill, traverse and downhill
  • Simple BOA mechanism:  User-friendly, winter proof and lifetime warranty. "The best closure system on the market"
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Edge decking:  Sharp edge on the frontal area provides great snow shedding
  • U-BAR technology:  U-shaped profile reinforcing the deck structure
  • Zero Boundary HCS front crampons and V-RAIL:  Absolute traction on any terrain and condition.  Made from high carbon steel
  • Freemotion pivot:  Free foot rotation on axle for an efficient stride. The rotation controller prevents the snowshoe from hitting the leg
  • Contact harness system with EVA padding:  360-degree retention for optimal support on various terrain conditions
  • Step-Up heel raiser:  Reduces calf  fatigue while climbing
  • Snowfree surface:  Excellent snow shedding from deck

Edge Decking

Edge Decking

Sharp edge on the frontal area provides great snow shredding.

U-BAR Technology

U-BAR Technology

U-shaped profile reinforcing the deck structure

Zero Boundry HCS Front Crampons and V-Rail

Zero Boundary HCS Front Crampons and V-RAIL

Absolute traction on any terrain and condition. Made from high carbon steel.

Contact Harness


Backcountry designed technology at an amazing price

All the great features of the Contact Harness Pro. This model offers a heel strap retention system at the back giving the needed heel support for backcountry hikes. Light, durable and comfortable.


The releasable guide offers a quick, hassle-free harness entry and exit. The Contact Pro Harness fits any climbing or ski/snowboard boot.


Smooth, even closure eliminates pressure points for a comfortable, secure fit. The 360-degree retention system secures both the heel and forefoot for maximum comfort, stable lateral support, a secure fit, and the ability to adapt to any shoe size from hiking boots to snowboard boots.


With retention at the forefoot as well as the heel and toes, the 360-degree adjustable harness system offers a secure and stable fit with no slippage during descents or ascents. Lateral stability makes for ideal climbing and the micro-adjustment dial evenly disperses pressure for a comfortable fit.


Knowing that backcountry adepts often tread the most difficult terrains and the longest treks, the BOA Dial is made from aircraft grade stainless steel and backed-up with a lifetime warranty, you're 'Dialed in for life'.


Lightweight is essential in the backcountry. Climbers often have added gear, backpacks, skis/snowboards. Developed by BOA Technology, the dial retention system alone weighs up to 80% less than traditional strapping systems. Constructed of stainless steel, this system will not absorb water which reduces the overall weight in use.

Step-Up heel riser

Step-Up Heel Riser

Reduces calf fatigue while climbing

Snowfree Surface

Snowfree Surface

Excellent snow shedding from deck

Freemotion Pivot

Freemotion Pivot

Free foot rotation on axle for an efficient stride. The rotation controller prevents the snowshoe from hitting the leg

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