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goodr Super Fly - Coffeeshop Seat Sweats

goodr Super Fly - Coffeeshop Seat Sweats
This item is currently not available.


You’ve finally locked down that KOM you’ve had your eye on and now you’re finishing that post-ride espresso. You get up to head back to your bike only to realize— the horror!!! You’ve left your mark behind! Don’t sweat it, everyone will be too busy staring at these white and green Super Fly sunnies on your face to notice the seat sweats you’ve left behind. Oh. Sorry — you thought the espresso caused a different kind of mark. Sweat. Just sweat. Don’t be gross. Now get back on your trusty steed and confidently ride into the future.

Reflective, Mirrored Lense
For 'Regular' Heads
Ultra Lightweight (20g)
12 Month Warranty

1. No slip
2. No drag
3. All snug
4. All polarized
5. No toad rash