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goodr The OG - Pineapple Painkillers

goodr The OG - Pineapple Painkillers
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These tropical blue and yellow shades are named for the best solution for getting a charlie horse in your calf at mile 17: Pineapple painkillers. That's right, this delightful cocktail, 2 parts rum, 4 parts pineapple juice (with anti-inflammatory bromelain!), 1 part orange juice and coconut cream is what Carl reaches for when he's run out of piña colada mix (he obviously doesn't realize that he could make a piña with these ingredients...oh Carl). It doesn't actually help the cramp, but you'll get such a bad side cramp after you slam the drink, you won't remember the charlie horse!

Non-Reflective Lenses
For 'Regular' Heads
Best for Road, Trail or Taco Runs
12 Month Warranty

1. No Slip
2. No Bounce
3. All Polarized
4. No Leopards

Part Numbers

680168539460 OG-YWLB-NRRD1 OGG44819504S