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goodr The OG - Whiskey Shots with Satan

goodr The OG - Whiskey Shots with Satan
This item is currently not available.


You read that correctly. We are encouraging you to drink some of that sweet amber liquor with the Prince of Darkness. Don’t let Satan’s reputation (or love of ironic eternal punishments) scare you away; he just wants to be your running buddy. So go on, throw on these amber and black shades and do some Whiskey Shots with Satan.

Reflective Mirrored Lenses
For 'Regular' Heads
Best for Road, Trail or Taco Runs
12 Month Warranty

1. No Slip
2. No Bounce
3. All Polarized
4. No Leopards

Part Numbers

728461226639 OG-BK-AM1 OGG45680614N