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Hario V60 Drip Decanter

Hario V60 Drip Decanter
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Hario has never really been known for making beautiful products. Functional yes, but not beautiful. The V60 drip decanter is definitely functional - the combination of a glass decanter and a v60 brewer is exactly that - but it is also starting to look pretty damn good, in a more contemporary way. Unlike the Chemex, where the paper sits directly on to the glass of the decanter, this little beauty has a suspended basket that hangs on the rim and snuggly fits into the decanter. On the coffee front, the filter goes into the basket, you wash though the filter, and the coffee goes in as usual. Also unlike the Chemex, you do not have a channel to pour out the filter pre-wet water, you simply lift the basket out, dispose of the water and put it back in place. As it's a stylish little brewer, it comes with a silicone band that wraps around it's waist, not unlike a couture belt, to accentuate its curves and allow you to pick it up without achieving first degree burns.

Part Numbers

VDD-02B HAR2032561R