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Rackworks 9 Ring, "School Yard" Bike Rack - 20 Bike Capacity

Rackworks 9 Ring, "School Yard" Bike Rack - 20 Bike Capacity
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Dimensions: Height - 34in, Depth - 29in , Length - 120in, +- 1 inch.

Rackworks 9 Ring "School Yard" bike rack will accommodate 20 bikes comfortably. It will also allow bikes to be locked up on both sides of the rack and can be anchored to concrete paving stones etc... The Rackworks bike rack design allows all styles of bike design to be locked securely to the rack using cable, chain or U style locks.

The design also allows the Front and Rear wheels and bike Frame to be locked up to the rack at once unlike slot style racks which only allow one wheel to be locked.

Rackworks racks are unique enough to have been given Patent status based on their design efficiency.

Installation Fee - $50.00

For Quantity Pricing contact Currie


Dimensions H: 34" D: 29" W: 120"

* Subject to change without notice.