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Rooftop Coffee Roasters Colombia Dayana Rivadeneria

Rooftop Coffee Roasters Colombia Dayana Rivadeneria
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We’ve been intentional about narrowing the focus of our sourcing onto specific regions, or even towns when we’re able to. Recently, much of our buying from Nariño has been centered on one municipality – Buesaco. This town has been churning out a lot of great coffee, and we’ve loved diving deeper into the local flavour of a specific microclimate (and we hope you have too!). This release from Dayana Rivadeneira’s farm is also from the area around Buesaco (Bermejal, to be precise), and it’s a superb example of the growing specialty coffee community in the town.

Do you remember the delicious coffee from Yorgeny Torres? Or Frank Torres? All good if you don’t, just know that we’ve been buying coffees from the Torres family for the last two years and they’re uber tasty. Anyways, on top of being a farmer and coffee fermentation wiz, Frank Torres also owns Little Berry, a speciality café in Buesaco serving up locally grown coffee. This café is where Dayana got her start in coffee, gaining professional coffee experience as a barista. Over the last couple years, Dayana started learning to grow and process specialty coffee on her family farm with some guidance from Frank. This is lot is from her first ever harvest. Oh yea, she’s also 20 years old - so there’s *definitely* a bright future ahead. Having personally started out my coffee roasting career in my teens, I knew I wanted to buy Dayana’s coffee before even tasting it. Us young folks in the industry need to band together, right? Unsurprisingly, this coffee is beautiful. Dayana employs an “in-cherry” fermentation, which means the whole cherries are left to ferment in sealed containers for 24hrs. I find this adds a deep sweetness to the cup, and that comes through as a stonefruity softness (we’re getting plum). A crystal-clear acidity, think green grapes, zips through the cup, and is supported by a melon-like juiciness. Overall, it’s a fruity coffee, but with a depth and mouthfeel that keeps it comfortable and easy-going. We’re so pleased with this harvest, the second we have purchased from Dayana. Shared Source, who imported this coffee, focuses their model on forming long-lasting relationships, bringing in the same coffees year after year, and committing to equitable prices. This year they set aside the entire lot for us, and for that we’re super grateful :)

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