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Rooftop Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Danche Chalbesa 340g

Rooftop Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Danche Chalbesa 340g
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Tasting Notes:
Processing: Natural. Certified Organic.
Varieties: Wolisho & Kurume
Altitude: 2000-2300m

The Danche Station is brand new, and 2020 marks just the second year of coffees being processed here. Negusse Weldyes, coffee exporter and owner of the station, pays the top prices in the region in order to attract the best farmers and receive the most uniform ripeness. As both the exporter and miller, Negusse has access to a unique line of communication, which allows him to relay feedback from buyers right back to his farming partners, further driving quality. Negusse also plans to invest in a health clinic in the area to improve access to healthcare for farmers and their families. We sourced this coffee from Jeff at Apex Coffee, who routinely brings in our favourite lots from Ethiopia. Negusse’s commitment to meticulous processing and paying top dollar for the best cherries contributes to the clean and complex flavour profile. This allowed us to roast lighter than we would most naturals, highlighting the bouquet of tropical fruit and lush body.

This lot is made up of Kurume and Wolisho, two landrace varieties that have been passed down throughout centuries in the Yirgacheffe region of the Gedeo Zone, known for their floral and citric notes in the cup. However, as a naturally processed coffee (in which the whole cherries are dried over 18 days) the flavour profile deepens into lush florals, tropical notes of mango and kiwi and the characteristic blueberry juiciness of natural Ethiopian coffees.


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RC-ETH-DC-340g ROO39893348G