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Shimano Hoods And Road Shifter Service Parts - 2016
$3.59 - $19.79

- Hoods with (FD) are Flight-Deck compatible [more]

Shimano Shimano TL-FC16

Shimano, TL-FC16, Hollowtech II crank arm preload adjustment tool [more]

Shimano Standard Pulley
$5.99 - $34.99

Shimano Pulley-Set Standard Fits for: RD-5700A/ 5700/ 5600/ 5501/ 5500/ 4600/ 4500/ 4400/ 3400/ 3300 RD-M 662/ 601/ 600/ 582/ 591/ 581/ 580/ 571/ 570/ 531/ 530/ 511/ 510/ 430/ 390/ 330 RD-T 300/ 661/ 400 RD-F 800/ 700 RD-C 810 RD-MC 20/ 18 CT-S 500 [more]

Shimano Nexus Sprocket

Shimano Nexus Sprocket is a genuine Shimano replacement part for Nexus geared hubs. Available in 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 tooth sprockets. [more]

Shimano Derailleur Adapter Bracket

Bolt-on hanger adapts standard B-Axle derailleurs to fit frames with stamped-steel dropouts that don't have a built-in hanger (usually horizontal dropouts). Includes mounting screw and nut. [more]

Shimano Di2 Battery Charger Cable - 2016

Shimano's Di2 Battery Charger Cable plugs into the Battery Charger (shown, but sold separately) so you can keep your electronic drivetrain at full power. [more]

Shimano R600/6403 Brake Lever Hoods - 2016

Shimano's R600/6403 are comfortable and plush road bike replacement brake lever hoods. [more]

Shimano SG-700 Alfine Hub Oil, 50ml

Mineral oil based lubricant 11 Speed Oil is thinner and designed to work only with Alfine 11-speed hubs Shimano Reference Number: SG-700 [more]

Shimano 105 Bottom Bracket Cups - 2014
$21.99 - $27.99

Shimano's 105 Bottom Bracket Cups are compatible with Shimano's integrated cranksets and bicycles with threaded bottom brackets. The cups are made of lightweight aluminum and the excellent Shimano bearings are sealed for maximum durability. There's also a nylon sleeve for additional bearing… [more]

Shimano Braze-On Clamp Adapter

Shimano's adapter clamps enables you to put a Braze-on front derailleur on a round downtube with a diameter of 35mm or 31.8mm. Just put the clamp on the downtube and mount the braze-on front derailleur onto the clamp. 25 grams. [more]

Shimano TL-FC 32 - External BB Tool

Tool for external Hollowtech BB Cups. [more]

Shimano Crank Bolts - 2016

- Octalink bolts include steel washers, JIS includes black plastic caps - HT2 mount bolts (low torque plastic, except XTR-M970 aluminum) are for mounting non-drive arm - Hollow bolts (SH-21504) not recommended for non-treated spindles [more]

Shimano SM-SH51 SPD Cleat Set - 2016

Shimano's SPD cleats are perfect for all your SPD-compatible pedals. If your entry and exit isn't what it used to be, a cleat replacement is just what the bike doctor ordered. [more]

Shimano SM-SH56 Multi-Release SPD Cleat Set - 2016

Shimano's SM-SH56 Multi-Release Cleats disengage with less effort and in more directions than standard SPD cleats. [more]

Shimano Tiagra Bottom Bracket Cups - 2015

Shimano's Tiagra Bottom Bracket Cups are perfect for Shimano's Tiagra Crankset (sold separately). They feature light, durable aluminum cups with super-smooth sealed bearings and a center plastic sleeve for even more protection from water and dirt. The Tiagra Bottom Bracket is available in English… [more]

Shimano 6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotor - 2016
$27.99 - $37.99

Shimano's disc rotors provide a sturdy and reliable braking surface to slow you down. The design is optimized to clear mud and dirt from the system for all-conditions braking. Continuously cooling itself, this rotor helps keep brake power consistent and improves pad life. [more]

Shimano Di2 E-Tube Wire - 2016
$27.99 - $33.99

This is the correct plug-and-play wire for Shimano's E-Tube Di2 electric-shifting systems. It comes in sixteen different lengths, so choose the one(s) that's right for your Di2 E-Tube wiring configuration. [more]

Shimano Sora 9-speed Chain - 2016

Shimano's Sora 9-speed Chain offers crisp shifting and excellent durability. Smooth, precise shifts come courtesy of the meticulously engineered inner and outer plate chamfers that are specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of a moving chain. [more]

Shimano Sora Front Derailleur - 2016
$27.99 - $43.99

For quick, dependable shifting, look no further than Shimano's Sora Front Derailleur. Sora front derailleurs are compatible with dual-control road shifters and flat-bar style Rapidfire Plus shifters. [more]

Shimano Alivio V-Brake - 2016

• 107mm arch for better clearance with mud guard • Updated rubber boots secure attachment to lead pipe • Strong braking power with excellent braking control • Cartridge shoe holder • Color options: Black, Silver [more]

Shimano Ultegra Bottom Bracket - 2016/2017
$28.99 - $33.99

Shimano's Ultegra bottom bracket uses Pro Tour-proven technology for lighter weight and super smooth spinning, while still maintaining the same level of durability and stiffness. It's available in English, Italian, or Press Fit models. [more]

Shimano Deore V-Brake Levers (Three-Finger) - 2017
$29.99 - $60.99

Put supreme control right at your fingertips with Shimano's Deore Three-Finger V-Brake Levers. Ergonomic lever blades are comfortable and easy to use. The internal bumper offers silent lever return, and the reach can be adjusted to fit your hands. [more]

Shimano Deore V-Brake Levers (Two-Finger) - 2016/2017
$29.99 - $60.99

Put supreme control right at your fingertips with Shimano's Deore Two-Finger V-Brake Levers. Ergonomic lever blades are comfortable and easy to use. The internal bumber offers silent lever return, and the reach can be adjusted to fit your hands. [more]

Shimano S-PHYRE Tall Socks - 2017

Professional grade racing socks. All socks are the same, right? But what if a sock could make a shoe better? S-PHYRE believes it can. By looking at the shoe/sock interface and applying Shimano's Linkage Effect approach, S-PHYRE socks combine thermoregulation, comfort, ankle roll stability, and heel… [more]

Shimano Claris 8-Speed Cassette - 2016

Shimano's Claris cassette is an incredible value for your 8-speed drivetrain. This cassette comes in a range of sizes to suit your riding style and terrain. [more]

Shimano Deore 10-speed Chain - 2017

Shimano's Deore-level 10-speed Chain offers excellent power transfer and top-notch durability. It showcases a mud-shedding design and Shimano's directional design with engineered inner and outer plates for smooth, fast and precise shifting. [more]

Shimano Alivio Front Derailleur
(Top Swing) - 2013

Shimano's Alivio Front Derailleur features wide pivots and a rigid cage for awesome shifting and top-notch durability. This 9-speed compatible derailleur gives you better clearance for mud guards or wide tires, too. [more]

Shimano Claris Front Derailleur - 2017
$33.99 - $38.99

Shimano Claris front derailleurs offer, smooth easy shifts and are compatible with dual-control road shifters as well as flat-bar style Rapidfire Plus shifters. [more]

Shimano Alivio Hydraulic Disc Brake - 2017

All-weather stopping and low maintenance; that's Shimano's Alivio hydraulic disc brake. Dual-piston power and Shimano's one-way bleed mineral oil brake system is the right choice for your trail and urban riding needs. Lever, hose, and Shimano mineral oil sold separately. [more]

441 Results
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