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Donation Requests

It's true, we do love Cycling, XC Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowshoeing! If you or your organization is passionate about these sports too, then we would love to be involved in your event/cause. If you're looking for donations, products or services for your organization's special event or cause, please fill out and submit the form below.

Before you fill out form please check to see if you(or your organization) meet the following four criteria:
     1. Your event or cause relates to bicycles, Skiing, Snowshoeing, XC Skiing, Cycling and Snowboarding.
     2. You or your organization have an existing relationship with Woodcock Cycle Works.
     3. Your application is being submitted at least 5 weeks prior to your event (minimum 6 weeks if logos/images are required)
     4. Your request is not for cash or for a social.

All applicants will be considered but our promotional budget is limited so not all requests can be accommodated. However, we will always take the time to read your application and carefully consider whether and how we can help!

Note: Applicants will only be contacted in the case that their request has been approved.