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What is the Ride Club?

Looking for a fun group of like-minded individuals that share your passion for cycling? From the road to the mountains, fat bikes to gravel grinders, or even just a leisurely cruise on city bike paths; we definitely have a ride for you! Our various rides are suitable for any level of cyclist and we make it easy to get in a training ride or an evening spin. 

Led by a passionate group of trained and experienced staff and volunteers, our club rides are insured for your safety through the Manitoba Cycling Association.

As if this wasn’t already good enough, when you register as a member of the WCW Club you get a whole host of perks in store!

Check out our 2023 club rides, benefits, and rules below!

Spring/Summer/Fall Group Rides

Mountain Madness - Monday

Master your MTB flow. Meet us on the trails to hone your technical riding skills and build your confidence.

April - October
15 - 25 kms
Starts @ 6:30 PM
15 - 25 km/h

Off Road Group Ride

Easy Peasy Ride  - Tuesday

Around here we ride slow. Join us through the city's trails and parks for a ride that's more about smiles than miles.

April - September
20 - 30 kms
Starts @ 6:00 PM
17 - 22 km/h

Family Friendly Ride 

Cyclocross - Thursday

Let's get dirty. Learn to mount and dismount at speed, maintain control through unforgiving terrain and master the mud.


September - October
30 - 45 kms
Starts @ 6:00 PM
20 - 30 km/h

Off-Road Group Ride & Skills Clinics

Destination Ride  - Friday

Get up to speed. Learn to ride in formation and adapt to a paceline on this low pressure, beginner road ride.

May - September
50 - 80 kms
Starts @ 6:00 PM
25 - 30 km/h

No-Drop Beginner Road Ride*

Gravel Odyssey  - Bi-Weekly Saturdays

Join us as we venture out on lengthy gravel rides this season. If you're seeking a countryside adventure, we've got you covered.


May - August
50 - 70 kms
Starts @ 9:00 AM
25 - 32 km/h

Must be Self-Sufficient to Participate

*Destination Rides require bikes with drop handlebars.*

Winter Group Rides

Singletrack Fatbike Ride - Wednesday

Join us as we ride the river and singletrack trails around Winnipeg all winter. Set those tire pressures low, and let's roll.


November - March
15 - 30 kms
Starts @ 6:00 PM
14 - 20 km/h

Off Road Winter Group Ride

Virtual Zwift Ride - Wednesday

Join us indoors, and push yourself on this all inclusive, virtual ride.


November - March 
50 - 70kms  
7:00 PM - 8:30PM 
2.5 - 3.0 W/kg 

All Fitness Levels Welcome

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MCA Registration

All Ride Club participants must be members of the Manitoba Cycling Association, or a member of a association under Canadian Cycling Cyclisme.

Everyone is allowed to trial each ride once without an MCA (or CCA) membership but must sign a waiver before the ride.  After your trial ride, you must have an MCA membership for subsequent rides. 

Click the link below to register and purchase your MCA membership.

Club Benefits

* Club members do not qualify for a free jersey if they received one in 2021 or 2022. If sign-up occurs after the deadline, jerseys may still be available in limited quantities but are not guaranteed. 

** Discount only applies to MSRP and cannot be combined with any other sales, offers, or promotions. Product must be in-stock and cannot be a special order item. Does not apply to any Garmin, Kuat, Thule, Wahoo, or Yakima product. Other exclusions may apply, please email Ride Club to inquire.

Be prepared. Pack the essentials.

Fluids & Snacks
Rides can take up to 2 hours. Bring enough fluids to consume about 500 ml/h and a snack that's easily packable, digestible, high in sugars.

Proper Clothing & Lights
You must wear a helmet. In addition, wearing weather appropriate clothing that keeps you dry, cool, and protected in the event of a crash is highly recommended.

Emergency Repair Kit
Flats happen to the best of us. Please ensure that you have a tube, multi-tool, tire levers and inflation device at a minimum in the event of a mechanical failure during the ride.

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Read more about Ride Club etiquette

*Ride Leaders reserve the right to turn away anyone who is deemed unprepared before a ride or is exhibiting unsafe behavior on a ride.*

Got Questions? Reach Out!

Email us with any questions, and let us know what rides you are interested in. You'll get valuable updates about starting points, route changes and cancellations.