Woodcock is proud to be one of Winnipeg’s foremost bike fitters. We are a highly experienced and motivated team of Retul and Body Geometry fitters with years of collective experience and a passionate understanding of the needs of cyclists of all types. We offer competitively priced services with our state-of-the-art Retul fit studio, offering unparalleled accuracy and precision when it comes to getting you the best fit possible.

The most in-depth fitting service we offer. Our Retul 3D motion capture studio allows us to view and correct your fit, in real time, while you ride your bicycle and with incredible precision. 
Our most popular fitting service, the 2D fit utilizes the same fit principles as our premium option, without the use of the 3D motion tracking camera technology. Allowing for excellent results, in a slightly shorter time frame.

Have you ever wondered what size bike you should ride ? Maybe you’re unsure how cycling shoes should fit ? With our Match System, you're able to answer all these questions and keep the results stored digitally for future needs.

The ultimate solution for long-term cycling comfort. These custom molded footbeds will provide the perfect fit for any foot.

With our DSD (Digital Sitbone Device) we can select the perfect saddle for your anatomy with exact precision. No more guesswork and years of painful riding. Come and get sized for the saddle you never knew you needed.

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Mackenzie Wood


Hugo Van Dun

Jon Carson

Jon is an experienced cyclist who competes across multiple disciplines, as well as long distance solo bike touring. He brings a passionate and informed perspective into the fit studio and has years of hands-on bike fitting experience, as well as a wealth of information regarding all things cycling. If you’re planning on competing in your first gran fondo, or undertaking your first major biking expedition. Please send us a message.


With the purchase of bike, receive the below discount. Minimum purchase price of $1000.00 (before tax). Must be used within 90 days. To find out individual pricing, please select the fitting that interests you best.