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Wax and Accessories

Vauhti Acryl Scraper
$9.99 - $13.99
Vauhti Clean & Glide Wipe - Single
Spring conditions can slow skis and boards down fast, leaving you struggling through the rest of your day. For an on-the-go fix, carry a few Clean & Glide wipes in your pack or pocket. Simply wipe down your glide zones, wait 2 minutes to dry, and off you go! These can be life-savers in the backcountry or to help you keep up on the slopes or in the tracks. Temperature Range: 40 / -4 F (+5 / -20 C)
Vauhti Fibertex
Super helpful when removing difficult kick wax or klister from your kick zone, having some Fibertex on hand can save the day. Use with Grip Remover for a super clean kick sonze. Plenty of uses, always good to have in your wax box.
Vauhti Glide Wax
$15.99 - $29.99
Glide waxes are made of high-quality hydrocarbons and they do not contain fluorocarbons. Waxes are excellent for basic glide waxing, base preparation and maintenance as well as a base wax for racing. Temperature Rating: WET: +10/-1°C | 50/30°F Wet conditions and mild winter conditions. MID: Operating range: 0/-5°C | 32/23°F A special product for new and damp snow. COLD: POLAR: Operating range: -8/-25°C | 18/-13°F A wide operating range, good wear resistance – an excellent choice for coarse substrate and creaky snow on cold winter days. GRAPHITE: Operating range: -1/-25°C | 30/-13°F A glide wax for dry conditions at extremely cold temperatures. In this glider, the green wax has been additionally hardened with graphite, which improves the performance of the wax at low temperatures and low air humidity. The wax forms a very dense, shiny surface and we always recommend to finish brushing with a brass brush.
Vauhti Grip Remover
$23.99 - $38.99
For the stickiest of the icky kick zones you can clean it all up with our Grip Remover. This product should only be used to remove kick waxes and klisters from the kick zone of cross country skis, and never used on any gliding surface. Simple, effective and meant for only one job - remove that last round of wax to give you a fresh surface to start with for your next day of skiing.
Vauhti Groove Scraper
The Groove Scraper is a handy fellow that is easy to work with, comfortable in your hand and can be stashed in the front of your wax apron or water belt.
Vauhti KS Klister
UNIVERSAL KLISTER: -Operating range: +4/-2°C | 39/28°F -For coarse wet snow conditions and variable coarse conditions. BLUE KLISTER: -Operating range: 0/-8°C | 32/18°F -For coarse icy conditions. Extremely well suited as a base wax for grip waxes on coarse and icy snow. VIOLET KLISTER: -Operating range: +1/-4°C | 34/25°F -For coarse wet conditions, just above or below 0°C. RED KLISTER: -Operating range: +2/+10°C | 36/50°F -For slightly coarse snow and fresh wet snow conditions.
Vauhti Natural Cork
For rubbing fluorocarbon coatings and quick glides.
Vauhti Professional Waxing Iron
high power, 1000 W thick double bottom structure with excellent heat storing capacity accurate thermostat comfortable to hold, a pleasure to use
Vauhti Pure One Glide Waxes
$28.99 - $94.99
PURE ONE glide waxes are based on high-quality hydrocarbon ingredients. Waxes are intended for recreational and active skiers as well as for base preparation and maintenance for racing. Temperature Ranges: -WET: +10/-1°C -MID: +2/-4°C -LD: +5/-10°C -COLD: +10/-1°C -POLAR: -2/-25°C -GRAPHITE: -2/-25°C
Vauhti Pure One Liquid Glide Waxes
PURE ONE liquid glide waxes are based on the ingredients used in the racing paraf?ns and high-quality solvents, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product. PURE ONE liquid glide waxes are suitable for all snow conditions. On its best when used on top of liquid base wax. Size: 80ml Temperature Ranges: -WET: +10°C/-1°C -COLD: -2°C/-20°C -LD: +5°C/-10°C -MID: +2°C/-4°C
Vauhti Pure Small Nylon Brush
A small easy to pack nylon brush for polishing liquid glide waxes.
Vauhti Pure Up Glide Waxes
$68.99 - $72.99
PURE UP glide waxes are intended specifically for active skiers and competitive skiers for training rounds. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellent performance and good durability to the products in all snow types and weather conditions Temperature Ratings: WET: +10/-1°C MID: +2/-4°C COLD: -1/-10°C POLAR: -2/-25°C LDR: +5/-10°C
Vauhti Pure Up Liquid Glide Waxes
$68.99 - $72.99
PURE UP liquid glide waxes are intended specifically for active skiers and competitive skiers for training rounds. High-quality hydrocarbon ingredients, zinc stearate and silicon wax gives excellent performance and good durability to the products in all snow types and weather conditions Temperature Ratings: WARM: For damp snow, +7/-3°C | 45/27°F COLD: For cold snow conditions, -2/-15°C | 28/5°F POLAR: For very cold and dry snow conditions, -5/-25°C | 23/-13°F LDR: For wide temperature range and for variable conditions, +5/-10°C
Vauhti Skin Ski Care Kit
$67.14 $78.99 15% Off
Welcome to the new revolution of skin skis - now take care of them. This Skin Ski Care Kit has what you need to care for and improve the performance of your skin skis. Use the cleaner to remove dirts and oils that you pick up on your long jaunts through the woods, then apply the HF Skin Care for incredible speed. Backcountry skiers and boarders take note, this stuff is amazing to improve the performance of your skins. Want to cover more ground and crush more vert? Then take care of your skins so they can take care of you.
Vauhti Skin Ski Cleaner
Package size: 80ml The only cleaner on the market, which has been developed especially for cleaning the skin strip of the skin skis. Effective, but gentle. Unique composition for cleaning skin strips of skin skis from any build-up dirt such as grip waxes from the ski track during ski use. The present composition does not comprise aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents as their presence even in small amounts could lead to detachment of the skin strip from the base of the ski. Instructions: Shake well the bottle. Spread on the skin strip. Wipe clean with cloth.
Vauhti Synthetic Cork
For leveling grip waxes.
Vauhti Synthetic Grip Waxes - 45g
Basic grip wax series for all snow types. GS Red - Operating range: +1/-2°C | 34/28°F GS Carrot - Operating range: -1/-6°C | 30/21°F GS Blue - Operating range: -5/-15°C | 23/5°F GS Green - Operating range: -10/-30°C | 14/-22°F
Vauhti Teflon Sheet
Running high heat for those pure fluoros? You always want to minimize base damage any time you do a "full burn" and you can do that with a Teflon Sheet from Vauhti. Helps dissipate heat and minimize base damage when running an iron red hot over powders or blocks. Simply place underneath the iron before running down your ski or board.
Vauhti Thermo Drinkbelt
The Vauhti Thermo Waistbag is a classic waist bag with an insulated bottle and storage compartment. Perfectly suited for cross-country skiing. The waist bag has a 1L compartment that holds what you need to take with you on the cross-country skiing trip!
Swix CH7X Violet Hydrocarbon Wax, 60 g
$13.60 $16.00 15% Off
Hydrocarbonwax -2°C to -8°C. Good training wax, Easy to warm in,Good in dry conditions Temperature range from -2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F). Recommended iron temp: 140°C (284°F). A new and improved wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. It is an economic training and racing wax as well as an all round base prep wax. The speed of the iron should be approx. 8-10 sec. on a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the wax.
Swix Roto Brush, Horseharir, 100 mm
$80.75 $95.00 15% Off
Roto brush, Horsehair brush for wax and Cera F, For skiers and waxers, Quality horsehair The initial brush on all waxes. Used on regular waxes and Cera F. (Do not use the same brush on regular wax and Cera F.) 100 mm wide.
Swix UR8 Red Bio Racing Wax
The UR range is a range of fluoro-free glide wax for training and racing. Red alpine glide wax, -12°C to +2°C. Biodegradable. For all types of snow. A soft glide wax For conditions around 0 degrees For those who want a better skiing experience High durability
Swix VR45 Light Violet Fluorinated Hardwax, 45 g
Light violet kick wax, For new and transformed snow, For racing and touring, Fluorinated and good in new and old snow A flexible wax for temperatures around freezing and colder.
Swix Violet Klister
$19.55 $23.00 15% Off
KX45 VIOLET KLISTER -2C/+4, 55G -2C to +4C (28F to 39F). All round klister. For wet coarse snow as well as frozen corn snow. Scraper included.
START Terva Kick Wax
Tar based kick waxes are used on new snow conditions. Tar based kick waxes suit well for new snow conditions when humidity makes the trail icy and it is difficult to get kick. Tar is very good thermal material, which may keep the blending more elastic and therefore also kick abilities are better.
Rundle Pole Straps - Canada
Rundle straps are comfortable, durable, and were designed with feedback from dozens of top Canadian racers and coaches.
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