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Manitoba's Largest E-Bike Retailer

Here at Woodcock Cycle Works, we are proud to be Manitoba's largest E-Bike retail location. We believe that your cycling journey should not be limited by your physical abilities or performance level, and your ride distance should not be limited either. Read on to discover how e-bikes can boost your excitement to ride and your ability to take your trails further than ever before!

Live the Electric Dream

What Are E-Bikes?

It's You, Only Faster.

The combination of eco-friendly electrical innovation and the sport of cycling has created a rolling machine that matches power when you need it in order to carry you farther than you could pedal on your own. As they say, it takes two to tango, so all of the e-bikes we carry operate on a pedal-assist platform, meaning the motor won't give you more power unless you are pedaling too.

Suddenly, hills seem flatter. Your city feels smaller. People and places that were a car trip away can now be a fun ride away.It's not a motorcycle, it's not a moped: it's an e-bike. And it's freaking cool.Recharge your love for cycling and try an e-bike today!

How Does It Work?


Each e-bike features a smooth, quiet, and powerful motor that matches the watts you put in by pedaling. They’re designed to give you an amplified, yet natural feeling ride that makes you forget you’re on an e-Bike.

Major features of the drive unit include:

Seamless integration of the motor into the bike frame at the bottom bracket so the power comes from the center of the bike for a balanced ride.

A torque sensor that measures how hard you push on the pedals.

Multiple power output settings from smooth to sporty, or low to high assistance. You set the output level, and your electric assist bicycle gives you power in proportion to your pedaling.


Typical electric bike batteries make about 350–500 W of power (that's about 35–50 volts and 10 amps), which is about a quarter as much as you need to drive an electric toaster. Lightweight lithium-ion batteries, similar to those used in laptop computers, mobile phones, and MP3 players, are the most popular choice. Units are typically integrated into the frame which ensures the centre of gravity remains balanced. Although sometimes they are stored on racks above the rear wheel of the bike.

All units are removeable by a key unique to every individual bike so the battery can be charged and stored in a safe location. You will also receive a cable that will plug into a 12A outlet. 


Many E-bikes include an easy-to-use display monitor that puts the control right in your hands. 

Some of the features that will display on the screen include:

Power output setting

Average speed

Remaining battery life


Backlit display for low-light visibility

Select models contain Bluetooth capability to deliver information to your smartphone.

This feature is subject to change based on what e-bike you are interested in. Ask us which model is best for your needs!

Why Buy Your E-Bike at Woodcock?

Here at Woodcock we know how exciting making the investment in an E-bike is, and we also know how daunting the extra responsibility of caring for your bike can be.

That's why we offer many E-Bike specific services to make sure your Electric Dream stays in peak condition.

Certified Technicians

Every year a team of our technicians undergo e-bike specific service training provided by some of the industries leading component manufacturers such as Bosch and Shimano.

Our service department is fully equipped with all the tools and software necessary to give your e-bike the quality care it needs. We service electric system brands such as Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Brose/Specialized, Mahle, Fazua, TQ, and Suntour.

Curious about what else our service department offers?

E-Bike Specific Products

We use products designed specifically to optimize the performance of your e-bike when servicing it. From wash to lubricant, all products are catered specifically for your bike. 

Interested in picking up products to keep your ride in peak condition?

Manitoba's Widest Range of Selection

Here at Woodcock Cycle Works we have the widest range of bike selection offered in Manitoba. All of our sales staff are trained to be able to answer any questions you might have and would be happy to take the time to find a bike that perfectly suits your needs!

Some of the brands that we offer include:

Specialized, Giant, Cube, Moustache, Kona, Electra, Orbea, & Santa Cruz

Curious about the products we offer?

Keep It Tuned

E-Bike Specific Tune


Our basic tune, plus everything you need to keep your e-bike in top notch condition!

Free estimate at drop off 

Wheel truing (lateral adjustment and spoke tension - no spoke replacement)

Frame cleaning and inspection

Brake adjustment (does not include brake bleed)

Shifting adjustments (limits, cable tension, derailleur hanger straightening)

Hub bearing inspection and adjustment 

Headset adjustment

Includes ultrasonic cleaning of Chain and cassette 

Chain and cassette installation

E-Bike specific chain lube

Software update

10% off additional labour A la carte labour  

Safety inspection (inspection of torque specification and component integrity)

*All parts are extra

Share the road! Have fun, ride safe.

Know the rules of the road before you go in order to be as safe and respectful as possible.


Do I need a license to ride an e-bike?

You do not need a specific license to ride an E-Bike! In order to be classified as an bicycle under the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act, the motor must stop providing power when the driver stops applying muscle force (also known as "Pedal-Assist"), and have a motor that turns off as soon as brakes are applied.

How fast can I go?

While there is no exact cap on the speed that you can ride your bike at, the motors are programmed to cease output at 32km/h. This limit is in place in order to stay within the federally set legal limit of bicycles on the road way according to the Highway Traffic Act

How much do e-bikes weigh?

E-bikes can start being as light as 26lbs (12kgs)! Although, most will weigh roughly 40-50lbs (18-22kgs). Size, and componentry can affect the bike's weight so dealers will frequently not list the weight. See in store if you need exact measurements.

Can I transport my e-bike on a vehicle rack?

Yes! Although given the increased weight of most E-Bikes it is highly recommended to ONLY use a vehicle rack that is rated for the specific weight of the E-Bike in question. Typically this means that only hitch mounted, platform racks are advised, as these will be the most supportive, as well as having the easiest loading mechanisms. Failure to adhere to a vehicle rack's recommended weight capacity may result in damage to your bike or your vehicle, so be sure to review all specifications before travel!

How long will the battery last in between charges?

This is dependent on a number of different factors including what power output setting you are using the bike on, how much power you are adding by pedaling, wind speed, road conditions, incline/declines, whether you are carrying a yeti on your rear rack, etc. We can not guarantee any battery to last an exact amount of time, but you can try using Bosch's battery range calculator to estimate how long you can expect the battery to last.  

How should I store my e-bike?

With lots of love, admired frequently, and taken on regular walks, I mean rides... But seriously, here is a brief guide for storage:

  • Ideal storage temperature is 20ºC (68ºF). Do not store in locations too hot or too cold as this will compromise the battery's lifespan and potentially cause long-term damage. Do not store outside in the winter, or next to direct heat. 
  • For optimum performance, store the battery at 20-70% charge. It is not advised to leave the battery charging for long periods of time (more than 1-2 days), nor is it advised to store the battery completely depleted of charge. It is natural for the battery to lose its charge in storage, so if you are storing the bike for long periods of time (i.e. over winter), check the battery's charge periodically to keep it in the 20-70% range.

What is required for e-bike specific maintenance?

E-bikes require regular maintenance just like any other bicycle. This includes regular tune ups, keeping componentry clean and well lubricated with appropriate products, and careful storage or transport.

E-bikes will require firmware updates to keep the drive unit working in optimum condition which is included in our e-bike specific service as listed above.

More Questions? Contact Us!

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